Have I mentioned how much I hate roaches?

I know I have. Just thinking about what happened yesterday makes my stomach turn.

Connor and I were lying in his bed, having a little snuggle. He wanted to pull up the covers, which were in a bunch at the end of the bed. I pull them up and give them a little fluff. I see something large and brown out of the corner of my eye, pretty much crawling on me. In the same instant I realize that it is a humongous roach! and I mean humongous-probably 3 inches long at least. I leap out of the bed, choking back a scream, bang my knee, and yell for Derek as the roach scurries off the bed and onto the floor. Derek comes in, slightly panicked from the commotion. I get the bug spray. Derek finds him and sprays, but misses. Suddenly we can’t find the nasty thing. I look up-he is now crawling up the wall and falls onto the top bunk. He runs to the ladder at the end. Derek decides at this point to swat the bug off the bed rather than spray poison where our son sleeps-good plan, dad. There is only one problem-D swats the bug off the bed and it hurtles through the air, directly at me. I scream (for real this time), leap out of the way, and smash. Derek got him with his foot. Only the him was a her filled with roach eggs. Grossest Houston bug story to date. I would rather have flies do it on my leg than have a pregnant roach crawl on me. Shudder.

5 Replies to “Have I mentioned how much I hate roaches?”

  1. I HATE roaches too. I can’t stand the way they scurry everywhere with their nasty antenna moving everywhere. I would have screamed both times if it were me!

  2. I am with Ryann on the bug guy! There are people who make a living off of protecting you from these creatures! That is a really gross gross gross story! We had a similar incident with a pregnant spider one day. Uhhhh….

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