I know it’s true

Last night I drove in my mini van to Connor’s very first soccer practice. You know what that makes me, right?

A soccer mom.

Love it. He had so much fun…although I don’t think he really gets the rules. Like the just use your feet rule. Or try to kick the ball rule. But he loved to play goalie! Judging by the practice last night, I would say most of the kids on his team have played before. They did a little 5 on 5 game at the end. I look out at the pack of kids chasing the ball, but I couldn’t find Connor. So I scan the field and finally spot him about 20 feet away from the pack, playing his own personal soccer game. So funny! And so classicly Connor.

Of course since I am such a soccer mom, I was out there with my camera taking pics of him. Plus Derek missed it, so I thought he would like some pictures of the action. Plus I needed them for the ol’ blog. Here’s my little soccer star!

a little unsure In the net and happy

big kick

7 Replies to “I know it’s true”

  1. This brings back memories of Derek’s first soccer game. All of the other kids were chasing the ball like a swarm of little bees…and there was Derek at the other end of the field, squatting down and watching some interesting bugs! What a fun era you are entering!

  2. Very cute pics. I will totally have the camerea at Brock’s first sports practice. I imagine that Brock will be the kid picking flowers while the other kids play soccer. He would not want to get dirty!

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