For Noel

Connor is really into building things with legos, lincoln logs, blocks, playdoh…the list could seriously go on and on. Pretty much every day at his rest time he builds some kind of elaborate building or vehicle and tells me all about it. His imagination is crazy. Sometimes at rest time he is an astronaut going to the moon. Sometimes he is a fireman resucing people. Sometimes he is a construction man. His imagination is so much fun right now.

So last week he comes out of his room at three-zero-zero (aka 3:00), all excited about this creation.

tower 001.jpg

It’s a house. Come on, can’t you see it? There are several stories in his house. The bottom floor is where Connor and I live. The middle floor is where Logan and Daddy live. And the top floor…the penthouse…the floor with the big window to look out of is where Noel lives. I love it. Aren’t you happy that you are going to be a part of this family, Noel? Connor seriously loves you and talks about you all the time! So cute. Don’t tell the other aunts, but you might just be the favorite…

Hang in there Noel…only 114 days until you are Mrs. Vincent!

In other news, does it make be a bad wife that I didn’t shout out Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband yesterday? I hope not. Happy Birthday to the greatest man I know! I can’t imagine my life without you.

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  1. Oh my goodness. That is so sweet! I think it is just what I needed. Thanks Megan and Connor for the special reminder that somewhere a few thousand miles away, you are both thinking of me.
    Megan I was at school ALL day yesterday, but I’ll call you this afternoon after class. I want to talk to you and I miss you.
    Give Connor a hug for me 🙂

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