No excuse for my lame-o blogging

I think of things to blog about at the most random times, but then by the time I actually sit down to write the thought is gone forever. Maybe it’s time for a good old train of thought, random blog post.

The in-laws came for a visit this weekend, and we had a good time. The weather was absolutely beautiful on Friday, so they spent hours at the park with the boys while I went grocery shopping all alone. Grocery shopping alone is almost as exciting and wonderful as date night! I browsed up and down each and every aisle. Loved it. Saturday my mother-in-law and I hit some garage sales and found a few things for the boys, and a really nice, used-only-once waffle iron for her. I was really looking for a bike for Logan, but no such luck. Connor had a soccer game on Saturday, also. It was a proud moment for all of us-he only cried on the sideline for a few minutes, stayed near the pack of kids as long as he was holding daddy’s hand, and actually kicked the ball 3 times! We are halfway through the season and he has finally made contact with the ball in a game. He was SO excited about it, and we were all so proud!

This morning I woke up at 5:40 to squeeze in a 5 mile run before driving back north with my in-laws. I opened the door, let in another lizard (which has since disappeared…looking for my bed of course…), and heard the pitter-patter of rain. I stood outside for a few minutes debating how die-hard I would be about running. The pitter-patter turned into a down pour and I went back inside. Running in the dark, all alone, in the pouring rain while trying to get over a little cold…probably not a good idea. I have now missed my long runs for the past 2 weeks. No more. I’m hitting it hard this week. I will not even entertain the thought of giving up. In fact, I have actually missed my long runs. I just feel like I really accomplished something at the end of every long run. And the short runs are just plain enjoyable, especailly with the weather cooling off some.

(Um, this is a really long, rambly, quasi-boring post…and I won’t even have any pics to share because I don’t have my computer with me.)

So I headed back up with the in-laws to go to RyAnn’s baby shower. The shower was fun, and then I got to spend some time with Ry. We had some excitement involving a really slick driveway…I bet she will blog about it, but let’s just say I was ready to call an ambulance and/or delivery baby Braxton right there in the driveway! RyAnn has a way of keeping life really interesting. 🙂

So now, here I sit at my parents house sans children. It’s very peaceful and quiet. Almost boring. I will be happy to see their smiling faces tomorrow. Connor has been (knock on wood…) much better lately. I like my kid again! I had a revelation the other day. Actually, I think it’s been coming slowly for awhile. This revelation will make me a better parent and person. I’m too tired tonight, but soon I will share my lightbulb moment and the things I have learned about my son and myself in the past few weeks.

And on that note, I will end this blog post. I know my blogging will pick up again soon. It’s like ebb and flow, except I forget which one means what, just like I sometimes confuse sowing and reaping. And left and right. Just like how I was 22 years old before I realized that preface was pronounced prefus, not pre face.

Yup, I’m a dork. And proud of it.

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  1. Way to go Connor! Soccer is so much fun; it sounds like he is really enjoying himself. And you are such a good example of physical fitness. I am jealous, I wish I could learn to love running…and learn to stop eating peanut butter m&m’s at 11:00 at night! 🙂

  2. I was really hoping that you would post a great descriptive story of my big fall and then I would copy it and put it on my blog. I enjoyed seeing you this weekend. Next time will be more fun!

  3. I’m so glad Connor is “getting the hang of it.”
    And I’m looking forward to hearing about your lightbulb moment, it sounds exciting!!
    LOL about preface, LOL!

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