Practically Christmas


The excitement in our house this weekend rivaled that on Christmas morning. The air show came to town at the air field directly behind our house. Not so good for naps this weekend, but great in the world of Connor. Even Derek was like a little kid when the B-52’s (Derek’s note: they were F-16’s) turned and he could see the engines burning. I did get some pictures of the planes, too, but I think that pictures of my cute kid are way more interesting!

We visited that new church this morning and we are definitely going to go back. It was pretty exciting getting there, though. I knew we were running really low on gas, but I figured we had enough to get to church and get to the gas station. I figured wrong. We turned off our street and the van died. This is my first time ever to run out of gas. Derek had a little bit of gas leftover from dinner last night…I mean from gas for the lawnmower, so we tried to get enough in there to start the van. No such luck. 15 minutes later, the carseats were transferred to the other car, and we were on our way to church. Amazingly enough, we were only about 5 minutes late. And since it’s a smaller church, it wasn’t like going through airport security to get Logan into the nursery.

We met 5 people at church today, and not during the shake-your-neighbor’s-hands time, but these people actually came up to us afterwards to say hi. They invited us to the fall festival this weekend. I think I will actually remember their names. We know what they do and where they live and the names of their kids. I love that. I love going to a place where you just feel welcomed and at home right away. We will definitely go back there again, and we’ll see what happens. But I can tell you one thing for sure…mega-church is not for us. There are great, Godly, loving people at the mega-church, but it just isn’t cozy like a small church. I think it’s great that the mega-church is reaching so many un-churched people. But Derek and I have both come to the conclusion that it’s not the place for us.

I actually thought of 2 other things to blog about this weekend, so there should be some good blogging coming up this week!

3 Replies to “Practically Christmas”

  1. Those pictures are so cute!!

    We recently placed membership at a smaller church. We felt the same way at the big church we’d been going to for years. Now we are among about 300 members – on a good sunday! It’s great!

    I’m so glad you had so many people greet you. That’s a great feeling!

  2. Yay! I’m so glad you liked the church! Keep us posted on how it’s going. I with ya on liking the smaller churches…it’s just feels more like a family.

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