In Honor of Patrick

September 209.jpgConnor has a new favorite tv show. Patrick, I think that you will really appreciate this. He has only started liking it in the past month or so, which I think is just about as long as you’ve been in China.

His new favorite show….


It’s about a Chinese Siamese cat, living in China. The music is all Chinese sounding. The theme song is sung mostly in Chinese with just one line in English: “Sagwa your my best friend.” The people cook fish and noodles.

The moment it comes on, he is running for the couch and glued to the tv, and he’s really not that big of a tv kid, so when he is glued I know he must really like it.

I think he just wants to connect with Uncle Patrick.

But when I asked him yesterday why he like Sagwa so much, he replied, “Because sometimes there are fireflies on it.”

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