You know how people come into your life and leave something behind forever? I realized the other day that one of my ACU roomates, Katie, had a great impact on my life in one area in particular. An area that I am all-to-familar with, and an area that is very useful. It’s practically a part of my every day life.

She changed the way I do laundry. Well, not do it…I still have a tendency to over stuff the washer and mix my whites with colors. I’m fairly certain Katie would recoil in horror at the thought of mixing colors and whites. But Katie changed how I fold my laundry, specifcally shirts.

We would do laundry together and I always admired the graceful way she folded her shirts, tucking in each sleeve and then folding the shirt into thirds, much like a store folds shirts. One day I realized that she was able to fit three rows of shirts in her dresser, while I could only fit two rows. So I asked for a lesson, she laughed, and taught me how to fold shirts.

That was 8 years ago, and I still fold my shirts the Katie way. The other night I was folding some laundry while Derek and I watched tv. I noticed Derek was staring at me, and he said in this really admiring voice, “you are so good at folding shirts. I could never do it as good as you.”

So, thanks Katie, for showing me how to fold shirts like a pro, which I’m pretty sure made Derek fall in love with me all over again.

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  1. I think Sarah is the one that told me it was “cool” to NOT tuck in your shirt! lol. To this day I feel self-conscious if I have to tuck in a shirt 😉

  2. WOW … now that is something. I feel so honored to have blessed your marriage in such a … well … unique way!

    You are so preciously Megan … I love that you will never change.

    On another note, are you guys going to be in the metroplex at the end of December? Crystal and Jon are visiting and I think Amy and Richie are having a big party for everyone in the area in honor of their visit. That would be SO great if ya’ll could come!

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