the sitter

My sister-in-law called me yesterday to see if I could watch her kids for a few hours today. I am always happy to watch them, so I said yes. Logan and Connor love to play with their cousins! Well, Kathy brought over a baby-sitter along with the kids…a little thing I like to call the Cars movie. They looked so cute sitting together on the couch, so of course I get out my camera. How cute are they?


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  1. Ok, what kind of instructions did you give them? I have never seen such awful faces on four kids at the same time! How adorable!

  2. Dirtbag,
    it is hard to decide who is the biggest dirtbag in this picture. Is it mr. snaggle on the left, mr. teeth next to him, mr. I just had a very painful fart 2nd from the right, or is it Ms. I am really a dirtbag but I look cute right now next to all of these idiots.
    I would also like to congratulate on being the first person to make me really homesick. I miss Noel, no doubt, but after reading your writings and looking at your pictures, I am really homesick. I wish that I was going to be eating at your house (especially pumpkin pie) with everyone running around and being crazy instead of maybe treating myself to McDonalds and watching alias on my TV in my apartment. Whelp, that is just how it is I guess.
    Love you db,
    your Chinese brother

  3. Okay this comment has nothing to do with this post because I was behind on your blogs so I had to read a few. Number one: I like your hair even if it isn’t perfectly straight. Stick straight hair has no character…but to all of you that have straight hair I am totally jealous.
    Number two: (ha! that sounds funny) I checked out your pictures at the half and you look super fit! Great job on the 16 miles as well. We ran 6 yesterday and I was okay until the last quarter mile. Legs started to fail me.
    And…I had a number 3 but I forgot it.

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