Thoughts on Tuesday

My friend Carrie tagged me. I love these things. 🙂

A – Available or single: don’t those mean the same thing? I am most defnitely not single.
B – Best Friend: Derek
C – Cake or Pie: definitely cake
D – Drink of choice: coke or diet coke, but i make myself drink a lot of water
E – Essential Item you use everyday: face soap
F – Favorite color: pink
G – Gummy Bears or worms: worms-the sour ones!
H – Hometown: Arlington, Texas
I – Indulgence: pedicures, shopping, or going out to eat
J – January or February: January-especailly the 23rd!
K – Kids & Names: Connor and Logan
L – Life is Incomplete Without? lots of laughter
M – Marriage Date: December 18, 1999
N – Number of Siblings: 3, plus a few steps, in-laws, and halfs. 🙂
O – Oranges or Apples: oranges
P – Phobias or Fears: something happening to derek or the kids. and heights.
Q – Fave Quote: attitude is everything. is that an offical quote? I think life is about 98% your attitude about things.
R – Reason to Smile: so many blessings with family, friends, and even just stuff.
S – Season: winter (probably only because I live where winter weather is perfect!)
T – Tag 3 or 4 people: staci, juli beth, suzanne, ryann
U – Unknown Fact about Me: is there anything unknown? hmmm…I am sure there is something but I can’t think. oh, how about this. I pick at things-my dead foot skin, my face, my chapped lips, etc. i am a picker.
V- Vegetable You Don’t Like: GREEN PEAS! they make me gag.
W – Worst Habit: I am the worst multi-tasker ever. so if I am doing something on the computer, for example, I don’t hear what anyone says to me.
X – Xrays: my head (8th grade concussion), my foot (majorly broken toe) I think that’s it.
Y – Your Fave Food: strawberries or a good steak
Z – Zodiac Sign: aquarius

So I am having this day today where I should have gotten so much stuff done, but instead I have done nothing. I am so incredibly behind on laundry. In fact, this morning when I got dressed, Derek said “wow, you are dressed up.”
Okay, I was wearing jeans and a long sleeve shirt. He was thrown off because I wear work out clothes almost everyday. And every pair of my soccer mom pants are dirty. But guess how many loads of laundry I have done? that’s right. none. Not even to mention the weeks worth of laundry that is folded waiting to be put away.


Now I only have 10 more minutes until it’s time to get Connor. I am ready to go get him-I owe my boy an apology. I hate when I have bad mom moments…even though I know we all do. He got to bring cupcakes to school this morning for his birthday. Normally I go through the drop off line, but today I decided to park to take the treats in. So we are late and I am in a hurry…I was so incredibly snappy and impatient with him. He was crying by the time we got to the door and had to be peeled out of my arms…I get back to the car, thinking about the whole scene and what happened. I had this flashback to when I first started getting all huffy…connor kept saying “excuse me, mommy. excuse me. I need to tell you something.” and what did I do? told him to tell me on the way in, dragging him out of the car. Ugh. Why do I do that? would it have mattered if he was 2 minutes later to school? Not even. So because I was all impatient and just rude, he had a meltdown going in to school. I sometimes forget that he is a little person, too. He has thoughts and feelings, too. I would hate if someone treated me that way. anyway, I am sure he has forgotten all about it by now, like any kid. I hope he had a good day with his friends, and told them all about how fun it was to make cupcakes with pink frosting and green sprinkles.

to be continued….gotta go get the c-man.

4 Replies to “Thoughts on Tuesday”

  1. Meg… You are such a good mommy. I have moments like that too. We are human. I hope you have a wonderful afternoon with your boys!

    Thanks for tagging me…. I’ll do it tonight!

    Love you…

  2. I love how you made a huge post when you had tons to do. Thanks for taking time for us…the laundry can wait 😉 I’m sure C’s already forgotten about this morning…but it’ll be good for him to have you apologize.

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