Bob the Builder I am not

I have a serious problem. Well, maybe it’s not a problem, persay (is that how you spell that??). It’s only a problem when daddy isn’t home and Connor is looking at me with those wide little boys eyes, all excited about his new toy. I cannot put stuff together. It doesn’t matter if it’s furniture, toys, electronics, whatever. If it comes in pieces with those rediculous pictoral directions, I will either A) not even attempt it, B) attempt it but only under Derek’s supervision, C) attempt it with confidence, get extrememly frustrated and possibly cry. Maybe twice in my life have I put something together successfully on the first try. But for some reason, I forget this about myself, and therefore I choose C.

We had a party for Connor this morning at Chuck E. Cheese with our playgroup friends. It was a total blast, and Connor received this cool tent from Kathy and James. It’s a pretty sassy present, so it’s pretty much his Christmas present, too. In fact, it was supposed to be a Christmas present, but it’s just so cool and they wanted to give it to him early.

so we get home from Chuck E Cheese, and of course Connor wants his tent set up. And so do I, to be honest. It’s really cool! Plus I figure it might just convince him to actually nap-we have a Christmas party to go to tonight. Anyway, I get out the instructions, filled with confidence. I mean, come on. I have pitched a tent before. It can’t possibly be that difficult. Wrong! I was forgetting that I am a complete moron when it comes to putting stuff together. To make a long story short…an hour later, the tent is still not set up, I am crying, the tent frame is broken in two places, and Connor…my sweet Connor…is consoling me. “Mommy, it’s ok. You can fix it. Daddy can fix it. It’s ok.”

And I guess it is ok. I just feel so bad that I broke his present. Derek thinks maybe a little duct tape will fix it right up. He has instructed me not to touch the tent again, and I think I will follow his advice on this one.

At least we know one thing for sure. There is no doubt where Connor’s dramatic tendencies come from…

Pictures to come…I actually have a lot of really cute ones from the past week to post.

2 Replies to “Bob the Builder I am not”

  1. That Connor! He’s such a sweet boy.

    The Duct tape does work!! Jaxon has a Pirates tent that is broken in several places, due to him being a boy. It is all duct-taped up & it worked like a charm!!!

    Can’t wait to see the pics! It looks really cool!

  2. Yikes! I had the same experience when I first tried to set up the little tent I bought Connor last year! Luckily, Reggie was home and able to come to rhe rescue before I actually broke anything. I’m much better at followig written directions, but those little pictures – forget it!

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