I’m so excited. and I just can’t hide it!

I just got the BEST phone call ever! I entered a scrapbook contest a few weeks ago sponsered by Piggy Tales . The contest was to make a mini-album about yourself. I have had this idea in my head to make a mini-album about the soundtrack of my life for quite some time, and this contest was the perfect push to get me to make this. So I entered, not really thinking I had a chance.

Well, guess what??!!! I won the grand prize, which includes $500 cash and $100 worth of Piggy Tales product! I am in such shock! I mean, I liked my album…but I didn’t think it was grand prize worthy at all. I am SO happy! What a fabulous way to start the afternoon!

Here is my album. If you click on the pics, it should make them big enough so you can read my life story if you want to! Thanks for letting me share my excitement!!

19 Replies to “I’m so excited. and I just can’t hide it!”

  1. You are so talented, I can’t believe you didn’t think you had a chance to win. If there was a mega-super-great-grand prize you would have won that too!

  2. Wow Megan!! Congrats!! You are so talented! You are creative … but most of all, you definitely have a way with words!! i could have cried like 5 times while I was reading your story. Much love always. xoxo.

  3. Your scrapbook words were the best thing I have read in a really long time. I loved reading about how each of those songs touched you at a special time, and I can’t think of better songs to listen to again and again! I am so proud of your award and fun money. woo-hoo! you are really good at scrapbooking and at writing in cool fonts. Can you teach me how to do some of your cool fonts now?!!?

  4. A friend sent me the link to your album. I’m so glad she did. I was really impressed with your work and as everyone else told you, the journaling is what was so impressive. You did so much more than make a pretty page. You definitely deserved the award.

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