Christmas in Australia

It fascinates me to think about the fact that in Australia, my dad celebrates Christmas in the middle of the summer. I felt a little bit Australian today, because this was our day.

(click if you want to see it bigger)

Schlitterbahn Galveston has an indoor park, and it was such a fabulous way to celebrate Connor’s birthday. It’s so trippy to walk into a waterpark wearing sweats and jackets (I believe it was in the high 50s when we arrived.) But it really is fun, and even better, Schlitterbahn is definitely not a hot spot on December 23rd! We never once had to wait in a line. The indoor part is fairly small-there are only 4 big slides, a raging river (like the lazy river but with waves-so fun!), a huge hot tub, and 2 kiddie areas. The kids had an absolute blast, and since I am a total waterpark freak, I had a great time too. I think that even Derek, Mr. I just can’t get into going to a waterpark in the winter, had fun. This is something that I will definitely keep in mind for the years to come.

Tomorrow my Connor will be 4. Hard to believe…4 years ago at this time I was in the hospital. I think for tomorrow’s blog post I will be forced to dig out a few pics of Connor from the early years.

Happy Christmas Eve’s Eve!

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