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We have officially lived in our house for a year. And our master bedroom looks exactly the way it did when we moved in a year ago. I think tomorrow I will take pictures of the whole room so that you can see the pile of stuff for future garage sale, 5 tables, 4 chairs, 2 tvs, pile of frames and candles, and not a single thing on the walls.

But this is going to change! I have recovered from the trauma of removing wallpaper and I am ready for the next house project. Mission Master Bedroom is commencing!

First on my list was new bedding. Because pretty much everything else-wall color, accessories, etc will center around the bedding. So Connor and I headed out to Ikea yesterday. (Thank you Ikea for providing one hour of free childcare! I love that, and so does Connor.) I found a few throw pillows that I just fell in love with. And then I found a duvet cover to go with them. And thus, the transformation of our room is starting!



There is lots to be done still, but I love my new duvet and pillows!

Tomorrows mission-Operation Pick Paint. That is my favorite part!

I am hoping if I play my cards right, maybe my brother and his fiancee will want to help paint. They are arriving on Thursday! I can’t wait to see them.

I can hardly believe this: The marathon is next week! 26.2 miles…next Sunday…everyone start praying for perfect 55 degree weather!

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  1. I LOVE those pillows, WOW!
    Josh said he almost got us a red duvet from Amazon for only $6. By the time he went back to buy it, they were all sound out! DUH. 🙂

    I LOVE the red, too!
    What color will the walls be?
    We are thinking about a dark gray for the walls and then we’ll decorate with reds, tans and sage greens.

    Hello, do I think this is MY blog, LOL!

  2. I love your choices. I want you to know that we will be thinking about you on Sunday!!! I hope you’ll have someone take pictures of you before and after the marathon.

  3. Love the pillows!!! I am about to start work on the guest room…it’s currently purple…PURPLE!!! That’ll be fun to paint over!

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