No children were hurt in the making of this.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how tacky is this? Logan has a new face. He makes it for 2 different reasons: 1) He is getting in trouble, but trying to be brave. or 2) something has happened that he doesn’t understand that is upsetting, and he is, again, trying to be brave. And example of number 2 is when he rubbed his hands all over the care tires, turning his hands black. Anyway, the face. It is probably the cutest pouty face ever. Seriously. I mean, you have all seen how luscious his lips are. Just imagine that big fat bottom lip sticking way out, big blue eyes looking up at you…so freaking cute. It’s really, really hard not to laugh when he’s making it for reason number 1. Like when I am trying to be all stern about him smashing his banana and throwing it all over the kitchen. So for the past 2 days, I have been on a quest to capture a picture of this pout (because I MUST scrapbook this face! I know it will only be around for a short while!) Every time he starts to get upset, I get out the camera and stand, ready and waiting. And every single time, nothing happens. It’s like the little booger knows I want to get a picture of it, so therefore he won’t make the face any more.

But look at these pictures that I have taken…I promise nothing really bad was happening to the kid…I’m not that mean!




Check out this picture of Connor. It’s 24/7 with this kid. I seriously never know what I am going to find him dressed in when I go check on him when I go to bed. He is the most imaginative, creative kid ever! I love this about him so much.


10 Replies to “No children were hurt in the making of this.”

  1. Ok, so I had funny thoughts about Logan, then Connor’s picture came up. SERIOUSLY STILL LOL – LOUD!!!!!! Oh my, he is a funny guy!

    I love Logan’s pouty faces!! Is that a piece of the banana on his face in pic #1??

  2. megan! you are hilarious!! i can’t believe you just bust out your camera when your babes are crying their eyes out!! do they ever look at you funny for it?? or ask you, “mommy, why are you taking my picture?”

  3. Toooo stinkin CUTE they are…and YOU are for your fun loving heart for your kids…just precious seriously! I can not wait to see what you create around these photographs too! Love this! :))) xoxo Loves, K

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