Rainy Season

Our first year in Houston, I was shocked at how much it rained. I loved it. Loved the thunderstorms, the smell in the air just before it rains, and taking the boys outside to splash in puddles. We are having our first big set of storms this year. These are BIG ones. I love it. Maybe not so much when a thunderstorm rolls in right as Logan is falling asleep. Thunder never wakes the kids at night, but during the day it’s a whole different story. Logan freaked out at naptime, and for some reason he was comforted to lay on the bottom bunk in Connor’s room rather than his crib. I’m not sure if it was because I could lay next to him or if he just felt safer in big brother’s room. But that’s where he ended up taking his afternoon nap. So bedtime rolls around, and guess where the booger bear wanted to sleep? The bottom bunk. That’s totally fine with us. The idea has always been for the boys to share a room eventually so we can have the third room for a new baby….

Did I have you going there for a second? Nope, no babies in my belly. Although Connor talks regularly about wanting a baby sister named Sassy Connor Logan. And he prays for his sister. And he informed Derek tonight that Jesus answered his prayer and told him that his baby sister is going to be in my belly when he’s five. I guess this is my big blog confession that I want to have another baby. 🙂

Anyway, I digress. Logan and the bottom bunk. Derek and I laid the ground rules, got them tucked in, had to go back and remind of the rules a few times…it’s now almost 9:00 and Connor is asleep and has been for awhile. Logan…well, he’s still back there fidgeting. We’re going to try this for a few days and see how they transition. This would actually be pretty great timing with our Florida trip scheduled next week. The boys are going to be sharing a room there, and it might be better if they are at least a little used to it.

After a day full of thunderstorms, the sun finally peeked out for just a few minutes. Time for some puddle fun!



7 Replies to “Rainy Season”

  1. Another baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok…that’s my early excitement for an event that hasn’t even happened yet 😉

    I shared a room with Caleb until Tyler was out of his crib. It was so much fun! Of course…we stayed up later sometimes…but my parents never knew (yeah right!)

  2. Reg and I were just commenting about how grown up Logan is looking in his pictures. He’s losing his baby fat and starting to stretch out like a little boy! Then you blog about him wanting to sleep on the bunk bed. Yep! He’s definitely growing up!

  3. I can’t wait to meet baby Sassy someday! I think it is cute that Connor wants to name her after himself. You can call little Sassy Connor, SC for short 🙂

  4. sassy? why haven’t we ever thought of that precious baby name?! leave it to connor to be even more creative with names than us:)
    i love your family like it is today, and it’s fun to think about it with the possibility of more too!

  5. as always too funny!! Maybe we will be preg again at the same time…(we’re not planning yet)!

    So, are the boys still doing good in the bunk beds??

    I hope it is a sunshiney day!!! xoxo

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