Two years already?!

My baby is two today. As any parent knows, the time goes so fast. I can hardly believe how fast these two years have gone! He brings such joy to our family. He is fun, crazy, spunky, lovable, cute, and just a boy through and through.

Today, on this the second anniversary of one of the best days of my life, my boy managed to fall and skin his knee, jumped into the pool when Derek wasn’t looking, and scared himself silly in that moment when he was sinking before Derek grabbed him. He asked for candy and apple juice at least thirty times. He chewed up and spit out a chicken nugget, cashews, grapes, a tomato, and a piece of shrimp. That’s his newest food thing and I can’t wait til the phase passes. He decides in mid-bite that he wants something different in his mouth. He told me his knock-knock joke repeatedly at rest time:
Who’s there?
“apple jew….na na?”
who’s there?
“apple jewwww…” and so on and so forth.

He took a three hour nap this afternoon, played baseball with Derek and Connor, had 2 timeouts for hitting, and gave me so many hugs and kisses. He talked incessantly about his boo-boos on his knee and the loud train that made him cry. That conversation always goes like this:
“boo boo…knee. boo boo….knee…ding ding ding…choo choo…woud….choo choo…woud.”

He repeats those phrases until everyone acknowledges his boo boos and that once we heard a loud train. He caused quite a stir when he tripped and hit his head on a chair before dinner. He cried during his bath because of his boo boos. He whispered and giggled with Connor until settling down for the night sucking on his paci and sniffing his blanket. All in all, a pretty typical day for my two year old. Happy Birthday, my sweet boy!

March 22, 2005
Logan 108_1-thumb.jpg

March 25, 2006

March 22, 2007

I made a dump cake for Logan’s birthday, but because of a girls shopping trip, it didn’t finish baking before Logan was in bed. So we decided to honor Grandma with it instead. She turned 85 on March 9th! Happy Birthday, Grandma!


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  1. Happy 2nd Birthday to Logan! I still remember the first time I met him. He was two weeks old and swaddled in his daddy’s lap.

  2. Wow, he should have been saying boo boo head instead of boo boo knee! He definitely is a Thurman…his daddy was always going full out and getting hurt like that. Actually, I thnink I have a picture of Marla with a knot like that on her head, too!

    Wish I could have been there for his 2nd birthday.

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