Beach Day

I think Destin really is one of the prettiest beaches I’ve been too. The white sands, the blue water, and the perfect weather made today’s beach trip so fun. The boys had an absolute blast splashing in the waves and doing all sort of construction in the sand. This is our last full day of vacation. Tomorrow we are loading up and driving home. This week has gone way too fast! Derek and I both agree that Niceville is a great place to vacation with the kids, and we definitely want to come back. And if anyone is looking for a fun, sort of off the map vacation place, check out Niceville! It’s only 15 minutes from Destin. Do I sound like a Niceville travel agent? Because I sure feel like one.





This was my favorite picture of the day, and it was a complete accident. I unknowingly moved my command dial to shutter priority and it was set for a shutter speed of 60, which is why the kids are blurry. I never would have set my camera to that setting on purpose, but I love the effect. Accidental cool pictures are some of my favorites.


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  1. Beautiful beach! In your other post I didn’t realize that Niceville was the real name of the place ya’ll are! I just thought it was your nickname for it b/c it’s nice! lol

  2. how could you NOT love a place called “Niceville”…c’mon, is that what its really called?

    AWESOME beach pictures! WHOA…you are going to have a ton to scrap! I will pray your drive home goes well. chat with ya soon Pal!

  3. You’re right about the beach. We went to Destin and Panama City a couple of times when the kids were young. I think it is the prettiest US beach outside of Hawaii. It seems so clean with that white, white sand.

  4. megan…seriously. you take the best photos! you should enter a photography contest. i have no doubt with kidos as cute as yours you could win my friend!

    i think my favorite is the droopy drawers pic of logan and conner helping pull them up. classic!!

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