A list

Top ten ways you know you have boys:

1. When they request a “pretty” tablecloth for a game of restaurant, they are actually referring to the tractor blanket.
2. It is perfectly normal to have bruises, scrapes, or even a black eye with no recollection of where they came from.
3. The louder the fart, the funnier it is.
4. A thud or a crash is fine and ignored as long as it’s not followed by a scream.
5. They play space shuttle or airplane with any stick-like object available, including cat poop found in the backyard.
6. Cuddling is best done by running full speed into the person like a football player, knocking him or her to the ground.
7. First words are actually motor or siren noises.
8. Everyone in the family can name and identify every type of construction vehicle.
9. It’s okay to push a doll stoller as long as the doll is first throw onto the ground, stepped on, and the stroller is raced around the house at full speed.
10. You relate to anything on this list, but wouldn’t change it for the world.

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