Logan is as crazy as they come. I am constantly amazed at how fearless he is. Everything that Connor does, Logan has to try. And a lot of the times, he is just as successful! He can jump off the couch and land on his feet, climb up and down the bunk bed ladder, climb in and out of the car and his carseat, play on every big kid playground we visit… I could really go on and on. The bottom line is, if Connor’s doing it, Logan will follow suit. I have come to expect this, and most of the time I am not surprised by him, even when he gets looks from others with his antics. More than once, a stranger has lunged at him to catch him while doing something that most two year olds wouldn’t do. I just laugh, smile, and explain that he thinks he is 4 and is not only coordinated, but extremely tough. It’s a good thing that I am extremely laid back about climbing, exploring, running, and jumping at the park.

Anyway. all of that is to preface these pictures of nutso Logan. He did this over and over again…sometimes clearing the slide, sometimes not. But laughing and smiling the entire time.


I give him a 9.5 on form in this one.

Maybe I need to post a “No Diving” sign.

9 Replies to “Evidence”

  1. That slide was certainly a good investment! The first picture is my favorite. Logan looks like he’s ready to go to the neighborhood pool and show the teenagers a few moves.

  2. Does it not hurt when they hit the bottom of that little pool? I love how you’re talking about Logan being the dare devil….look at the bruises on his legs! lol

  3. You photos are crisp and clear and BEAUTIFUL Meg!
    Will you please come and take some of my girls?
    We really need a new camera!

    Sarah is crazy, too. What will they think of next? LOLOL!

  4. That is great that he is jumping like that and still alive! Very impressive! With the move – we will be creating the same concoction this summer for our backyard! Should be fun!

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