That’s the time right now. 12:40 a.m. I just got home about 10 minutes ago from a friend’s house. Sometimes it’s really fun, even just for one night, to pretend like I’m footloose and fancy free and that I can stay up late and sleep in late. Will someone please send my kids a memo that I would like to sleep in until 9:00? Thanks!

But it was a totally fun night. I love making new friends and finding a friend you just click with. And, the whole reason I was at her house so late is because Derek was having an xbox party with her husband and a few others. I wasn’t necessarily kicked out, but I happily invited myself over to Brook’s house in order to avoid the testosterone fest that took place here tonight.

I asked Derek if he bonded with Dwayne. He gave me that “what kind of question is that” look, and said “uh, I guess we bonded over recreational activity.”

I replied, rather urgently, “well, I hope you bonded because we are so going to be couple friends with them!”

Here’s to couple friends!

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  1. **Whoo Hoo look at you staying out late. It’s always fun to have those nights, huh? Wish I could stay that late like I used to. Now I’m yawning at 7pm. Gosh I’m getting old LOL! Glad you had fun doing a Girls Night Out!

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