Terrible Twos

Okay, it’s 8:36. Logan is on his third time out of the day for blatantly refusing to do as I ask. And hitting. The terrible twos are definitely upon us! However, since Connor’s terrible year (which was actually at 3, not 2) was so incredibly difficult, I think I will be able to handle Logan. And keep it all in perspective. If I stick to my guns, in about a year I firmly believe that I will have a delightful child (for the most part.)

Anywho. That’s today. Let me tell you about yesterday. Derek got home from his last business trip yesterday at lunch time. Yay! He was gone 17 days this month. Not cool at all. So I am relaxing, reading blogs, and one of the scrapbooker blogs I read (Heidi Swapp) had blogged about a new scrapbook store that is opening in Houston. So I follow the link and I had a complete scrapbook freak out when I realized the store is less than a mile from my house! How cool is that! (ok, this is probably only cool if you appreciate a good scrapbook store.) Since my sweet husband was home, and since he had mentioned that he wanted to get me a little gift for hanging in there all those days he was gone, I took it upon myself to head to By Design Scrapbook Boutique and do some shopping. Then I came home and scrapped this.


Now for a totally different topic. Some friends of ours gave us a swing set. I didn’t tell the kids about it, our friends just brought it over one night after the kids had gone to bed. So the next morning, they go outside to play and I loved their reactions. They were just so them. Connor didn’t even notice it at first. Logan, on the other hand, saw it right away and ran full speed to it, shouting “yay! yay! yay!!” He tromped through the wet grass, threw himself onto the wet slide, and then ran back to me crying because, as it turns out, he didn’t actually want to be all wet. Logan’s actions are almost always a step or two ahead of his thoughts. But not Connor. Connor stood completely still on the patio, his head cocked to the side trying to figure out exactly where this thing came from and how it got in the yard. He looked at me quizzically, looked at the swing set, and looked back at me. Finally, after about 45 seconds of processing, he asked, “where did that come from?” I told him our friends gave it to us. He looked back at it again, still thinking about it. And he said, “hmm…I usually think I wanted a pole.” He didn’t say it in a bratty way at all, just very matter of fact. Like he had processed and thought about it and if a swing set was going to just appear in the yard, in his mind it sure would be nice if it had a pole to slide down. Then he tentatively walked onto the grass, realized it was wet so came in for a towel before playing on it.

My boys are so different, and I love it! Connor, always thinking, processing, taking it all in before making a move. Logan, my fearless ball of fire, always going full speed ahead. I loved their reactions to the swing set.


Reading update…I finished Something Borrowed (loved it!), Something Blue (loved it!), Two Little Girls in Blue (just okay), and The Pact (my new favorite Jodi Picoult book). Now I have started Baby Proof(by Emily Griffin), and I have The Glass Castle(by Jeannette Walls) to read next. I only have 3 books left on my hold list at the library, so I need some suggestions! Help a bookwork out please. At the rate I have been reading, I will run out in the next 2 weeks or so.

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  1. M, I love to read as well. I have enjoyed a series from Penny Vencenzi (No Angel, Into Temptation, etc) which is based on a family business dynasty. That will keep you busy for sure! And, it’s hard to put down. Hope that helps. Keep up the great blogs!!

  2. how fun that you got a swing set – we need one bad too!! Right now – with all of the rain – I think it would just sink…or float away or something…or get lost in the jungle of grass that we cannot mow because it keeps raining….

  3. **Whoo Hoo a new swing set… looks like you’re boys are going to have a wonderful summer playing in the back yard.
    Speak of reading… You have to get your hands on Karen Kingsburys “Redemption” series. She’s a pretty popular author…you could probably find her books in your local Christian bookstore. Start with the redemption series then Firstborn series and she’s just started with her 3rd series the Sunrise series… all these based off of the Redemption series. You’ll absolutely love them.

  4. A swing set!!!! How fun!
    Where do you find all this time to read??? I was watching good Morning America today and they had some books on there…looked good. You can probably find it on their wesbite? Have a happy weekend!

    OH YEAH! That scrap store…for the LOVE of gorgeous scrap stores! When you told me you had a scrap store nearby, I didn’t know it was THAt one! AWESOME!

  5. Love their reactions to the swingset!My 2 are total opposites too. So glad for you that you have a new scrappy place so close to home!

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