The rest of last night

If you haven’t read my post below, you should really read that one first.
I left off at 12:06 a.m. I was wired, so I decided to read my book on the couch until I got tired again. Did I mention that I had actually fallen asleep before? I had just gone into the kitchen to put my glass in the sink when I saw the roach. Anyway, I start reading at about 12:10.

12:45 a.m. Connor cries. I spend about 15 minutes getting him back to sleep.
1:03 a.m. Connor cries again. He has a pain in his face. I give him some Tylenol and climb back on the top bunk to give him some TLC.
1:20 a.m.: I decide I would be much more comfortable in my own bed, so that’s where Connor and I head.
2:15 a.m.: I have a bug-in-the-bed-freak-out. I think there is a roach in the bed, jump out of bed, scream, run into the hallway, and spend a good 5 minutes searching my room and bathroom to find it. I finally decide I must have imagined it.
3:20 a.m.: I feel something sort of wet near my pillow. I wipe the sleep from my eyes and try to make out the spot I can see on Derek’s pillow. A light reveals that Connor has had a massive bloody nose in his sleep. It’s all over his face, his VBS shirt that he wanted to sleep in but needs to wear the rest of the week, and Derek’s pillow. I clean up Connor, change his clothes, rinse the pillow, and start a load of laundry.
5:00 a.m.: I remove Connor’s feet from my ribs and move him over.
7:12 a.m.: Logan comes into my room. The day has started.

The crazy thing about motherhood is I really didn’t and don’t mind all that much. Sure, I would have much preferred my 9 to 10 hours of good sleep. But there is nothing like being there for your kiddos when they need you, even all night long. However, I am sure all morning I will be watching the clock, counting down until nap time!

I fought the good fight

And I survived to tell about it.
(Okay, so this isn’t really a war or near death experience…it’s just typical over-dramatic Meg)
The time: 11:15 p.m.
The place: Kitchen in the Casa de Thurman
The intruder: The biggest roach ever.
The twist: Official bug killer is not at home, leaving the damsel in distress, Megan, to fight the intruder.

First, I gathered my arsenal-Ortho Roach, Spider, and Ant Killer and a tupperware container to be used as a trap. I sprayed. He ran. Across the counter, behind the cutting board, up the wall, onto the ceiling where he plummeted to what I hoped was his death. But no. He was a true fighter. He tried to escape in the pantry, but found it to be a dead end. He turned the corner into the dining room where I let out a high pitched squeal and threw the tupperware container on him. Victory! Now that he is trapped and has been hit with poison, I can just wait for him to die.

But wait.
What is that noise?
Say it isn’t so!
Dallas the Cat is curious about the noise coming from the tupperware container. In an unfortunate stroke of luck, Dallas pushes the tupperware halfway onto the rug, giving The Intruder just enough room to escape again. I let out another screech. This time I will show no mercy. A full 30 second shot of bug spray from close range ought to do it. He staggered across the floor, rolled onto his back, and with a final leg twitch, admitted defeat.

I did it. I killed the roach. Cleaned him up off the floor. Scoured both scenes of the crime with Clorox kitchen cleaner.

Tomorrow I will be making yet another call to pest control.

Time now: 12:06 a.m.
I am completely wired, and so I blog.

Hairballs, road kill, and roaches. My summer is off to a really disgusting start.

Road Kill

I sent Derek on a little errand to the grocery store this morning, and when he got home, he was all giddy like a 10 year old boy. The reason for the giddiness? Roadkill on our street. A dead possum to be exact. Derek quickly called the boys outside so they could take a closer look. It was still pretty fresh because it wasn’t all covered in bugs or starting to smell like it was by the end of the day.

I need another female in this house. Connor and Logan were as thrilled as Derek with the roadkill. Me…not so much. Possum’s always remind me of Sooner Youth Camp. They would run out in front of us on the way back to the cabin and totally freak us out. Well, maybe not Staci because she is so outdoorsy and good with creatures. Anyone know who to call to clean up roadkill? If it’s still there tomorrow I am going to figure out who takes care of things like that. Being a mom, there are lots of gross things that I have to clean up, but roadkill is definitely not one of them.
A few Logan stories from the past week or so…

Logan’s bedtime routine includes singing Happy Birthday to You to all the members of our family. That kid is a nut! It’s the song he requests every night.

Tonight he was calling me, so I went back to see what the issue was. I found him pants-less and diaper-less in his bed. The reason? He informed me his diaper was too tight.

Last week I took his diaper off outside and found a chuck E cheese token stuck to his butt cheek. I took a picture of it, but decided that maybe that wasn’t a blog appropriate picture.

Paci update-he is doing great! He is back to napping after only 20-30 minutes of talking to himself. It’s the same at bedtime. And there has only been one night where he came in in the wee hours asking for paci. Of course, I think the little booger bear has them stashed somewhere because he came into our room this morning sucking on one I haven’t seen for quite some time. But he willingly gave it up, all the while giving me that little Logan grin that I can’t resist.


And here is one Connor story.
We attended a birthday party last week, and Connor got into some trouble. We ended up leaving the party early because he could not get control of himself. This happens when it gets late and/or he is oversugared or overstimulated. He was suffering from all three. Anyway, on the way home I was giving him a good old mommy lecture about controlling his hands and his body, etc. etc. etc. After out talk, he was completely quiet in the car. Then he says in this little apologetic voice,
“mommy? I have this arrow inside of me and it got stuck on rough behavior and bad attitude.”
“Oh, really? Hmmm…well, do you know how to get the arrow unstuck?”
“Yes, I have a little switch right here on my neck and I can put the arrow back to good behavior. Now my arrow is on good behavior.”

Where does he come up with this stuff?? His imagination is always going, even when he is in trouble.
Latest pictures. I took these tonight. I admit I bribed them with candy to get them in the grass. Connor is apparently unimpressed with my bribes. But I still love this picture of him!


Love his baby blues!

Happenings since the hairball

Just a list of things going on in the ever-exciting Thurman family.

-We dogsat my brother’s dog, Baxter all week. He is such a good dog! He drives me nuts sometimes (I mean, c’mon, he’s a poodle…that is to be expected!) But he is really a good dog, so friendly, loves the kids, and is even pretty cute. He makes me want to get a dog-one that is already trained and perfect. Do those exist?


–The kids had dentist appointments this week. On our way out, the dentist asked if Logan sucked his thumb. I confessed that he does still take a paci at night and at naptime. Basically, the dentist could tell by Logan’s profile that he was sucking on something-he is getting an overbite from it. He said if we stopped now, it would most likely correct itself. But if Logan kept with the paci, his little jaw bones would begin to set like that, creating a bit of a problem. I already know that Logan has dental work in his future for what I like to call his snaggle teeth. Derek and I both had to have frenectomies, and that gene has certainly passed on.


So in an attempt to save him from even more possible dental work, it’s bye-bye paci. He’s done fairly well at nighttime so far, but nap time is a totally different story. Today I am trying all out bribery, but it’s a no go so far. He just flops and sings and talks and wiggles his entire nap time. I am hoping maybe in the next week or so he will adjust. The method I used to get Connor off the paci is not working with Logan very well, so I am just going cold turkey with lots of talking about what a big boy he is, and lots of praise and a treat when he goes night-night without it.

–After three and a half days on our own with D out of town, I decided the boys and I needed something really fun and special to do. I took them to see a movie! This is the first time I have ever attempted taking them to a movie. Logan has only been to one in his life, and he didn’t even make it 15 minutes before Derek was out in the lobby with him, getting their money back. Even Connor has only been a handful of times. Despite my fear that Logan or Connor wouldn’t make it through the movie, they did great! We saw Shrek the Third. I didn’t think it was quite as good as 1 or 2, but it was still pretty cute. I still think going to the movies will be a special treat (at $23 for 3 tickets and a popcorn, it’s definitely not something we will do all the time!) but at least now I know that going to the movies is a fun option for us.

IMG_0226.jpg IMG_0227.jpg

–update on the no paci nap. It’s been an hour and a half and he was being very quiet. I peeked in….thinking I would find him asleep…but no. He is practicing putting his shorts on. At least if he isn’t napping, he is practicing a good life-skill, right?
*****UPDATE! It’s 3:19…10 minutes since his pants-putting-on practice and he is asleep! A mere hour and 48 minutes since I put him down. But it’s better than yesterday when he stayed awake the whole two hours-I will take any sign of improvement.

Hope you have a great weekend!