the 4th is fun!

i love the 4th of July. It’s such a fun, yet still sort of low key holiday. I knew today was going to be a great day when the kids got the memo that it was a holiday and slept in-Logan until after 8:00 and Connor until almost 9:00! Logan had a really weird night-I found him asleep in our doorway at 4:30 this morning, and then Derek heard him dragging a toy out of his closet after 7:00, but he climbed back in bed and went to sleep after that. What a weird kid! Anyway, the kids slept in. Then we proceeded to watch two movies back to back (March of the Penguins and Jumanji), complete with popcorn. We all stayed in our pj’s until noon when we decided to head to Chick-fil-a for lunch a playtime for the kids. Logan spent the afternoon napping, and I made cupcakes with Connor’s help for tonight. We headed over to some friends’ house for a little barbecue party in their awesome yard. But, of course since it had rained all day, it was too wet. But you better believe that they set up their little bounce house in the garage for the kids! They had such a blast. It was quite chaotic (hey, what do you expect with 9 kids under the age of 5…and 8 of them being boys!), but it was really fun. The funniest part of the evening had to be when 3 of the boys decided to all use the same toilet…at the same time…and any of you who have boys know that their aim isn’t always the best! It as one of those things where you don’t want to laugh in front of the kids, but then we all cracked up downstairs afterwards. They all just had to go real bad at the same time. We ended the night with a few fireworks, and then as a bonus we got to enjoy several different shows on the drive home. The icing on the cake will be if the kids get the memo that they are supposed to sleep in after staying up until 10:00! We’ll see how that goes….but something tells me that I shouldn’t be surprised when I hear little footsteps in our room at 7:00…

Hope you all had a great 4th! I know that no post is complete without pictures, but I didn’t take a single one today. I do have some really cute ones of Connor at his first 4th of July. Maybe I will have to dig one of those out and post it tomorrow.

Okay, now it’s Thursday morning, and I do have a picture to share after all. Last night around 10:45, I heard a few little noises, but I kept thinking it was Dallas. After awhile, i decided to get up and investigate the little noises, and I found Connor. Derek and I got such a kick out this! Connor is totally not the type of kid who will fall asleep anywhere at anytime.


The 4th of July can really wear a fellow out!

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  1. That cracks me up!!!! He is so cute! I love that – I also love when babies fall asleep in their high chairs – the best!

  2. Hey “Fatty” (Is that still funny?) I am so glad that you have found my blog. I have been checking yours out for a while now! Does James have one?
    Your boys are way too cute! Have a great day! Love, Susan

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