Still got it

If there was any doubt before, let’s just be clear now. I am officially the biggest dork ever. Because, yes, I did in fact request that Derek video me on the diving board. Surely RyAnn wasn’t the only one wanting to see my diving board skills, right??

The best part of the evening (besides our trip to Coldstone after swimming), was Derek doing a “cool trick” on the board. I wish so much that I was recording it. Picture it: he runs, jumps with all his might out like he is going to dive. But he grabs his feet so his belly and face are exposed to the water. But, at the last minute, my genius of a husband realized his face was going to hit the water first, and it was not going to be fun. So he tried to abort mission, but wasn’t really successful. Derek did a full on face flop. I am seriously laughing just thinking about it.

And speaking of cool…

8 Replies to “Still got it”

  1. you are so cool. I did a cherry-picker at the playground the other day…am I still co-President of the Dork club? LOL!

    I am picturing the face-flop scene…ROFL!

  2. You’re brave to be video taped on the diving board. I was uncomfortable enough being taped at my wedding! I’m impressed with your skills, and wish that we could have seen Derek’s. I’m pretty sure that would have made video of the week on UTUBE.

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