Maybe I’m not so bad…

Amy, I didn’t even know you read my blog! I have loved your scrappy work forever, and thanks so much for this. She tagged me as a…


And I am supposed to shout out and tag 5 others that I think are rockin. So, I tag:

How am I supposed to pick only 5? You want a list of all the girl blogs I read? I am too lazy to link them all, but here is a list of names….Annalee, Corrinne, Cindi, Becca, Shauna, Audria, Stephanie, Kimberly, Meredith, Danielle, Becky, Robin, Carrie, Julie, Suzanne, Missy, Jennifer, Chelsea, Sarah, Mary Beth, Suzanne with quads, Maggie, RyAnn, Juli Beth, Darcy, Kayla Aimee, Susan, Laura, Mindy, Staci, Tracy, Martha, and Noel. I actually think there are more…I am a complete blog addict.

Anyone want a pretty pink icon and a boost? Then considered yourself tagged as a rockin’ girl blogger!

Several of the blogs I read have recently done 100 things about me posts. I love posts like that. I did my own 100 things post back in 2005. Wanna read it? Some of the things are no longer true…is that weird that after only 2 years it’s outdated? Weird, huh.

How about a few scrapbook pages? It’s been a long time since I posted any pages.





I am officially procrastinating. I need to do a page tonight…I should probably get started since it’s already 10:30. We had some friends over for dinner tonight, which not only means fun for the whole family, but it also means that the house is all picked up and smells like candles and cookies. I love candles and cookies.

6 Replies to “Maybe I’m not so bad…”

  1. Thanks for the pink icon and the boost! I think your pages look great. My favorite is “Help Me!” It was fun to read your 100 things about me post…I love posts like that too. Maybe someday I’ll take a try at doing one.

  2. Your scrapbook pages are so great. I really need a lesson! I have 3 scrapbooks (that I can think of) that haven’t even been started yet. How do you come up with that stuff?!?

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