I love green

Here’s a video of my latest house project. I love how it turned out! I forget to mention in the video that I am also going to be changing the fabric of the window treatments, and re-painting the dining room a color that coordinates a little better. Oh, and the color looks really yellow over the fireplace because of the light-it’s actually very, very green.

9 Replies to “I love green”

  1. It looks great! I like that shade of green, it’s very pretty. I can’t wait to see the dining room and windows, once they are finished.

  2. LOVE that living room! And the artwork over the fireplace? LOVE it! I have the traditional wedding portrait over the fireplace but I’m SO going to do what you did in our new space at our lakehouse (we just added on a second floor). That green color is very similar to what I picked for the spare room – I wasn’t too sure about it but after seeing yours, I’m convinced. And another thing I love? The trim molding on the columns! You have great taste! (And an adorable child!)

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