pictures and sweetness

I got to spend a lot of time this weekend with these turkeys (my niece and nephew).


It was so fun! A little nuts…made me thankful for singleton births and not for two sets of twins, but it was really fun.

Connor and Justin were so, so happy to spend time together. Since they aren’t in school together anymore they don’t get to play as much. Connor misses Justin so much! It brought me so much joy to see the two of them playing together this weekend.


I took the kids to the “pumpkin patch” today. You might be wondering why I have pumpkin patch in parentheses…well….it’s not so much a pumpkin patch as it is a local church on a busy street 5 minutes from the house who sells pumpkins on their yard for charity every year. But the kids had fun and i got a few cute pictures, so we were all happy. 🙂


My little punkin’

Picking the perfect pumpkin is serious business.

I have to tell you the sweetest story about Connor. A few weeks ago, we started a new chart system for him that has really been amazing. He loves his charts, and so do I. I’m telling you, if you are struggling getting your preschooler to do what you want, make them a chart! Anyway, after completing his 3 charts for the days (morning, afternoon, and night), he gets to move a space on the grid. Once he gets to number 5, he earns a dollar to spend or save, whatever he wants. In the past 2 weeks, he has earned $2, and has been dying to go to the dollar store to buy some treasure. On Sunday, I took him, dressed as a super hero complete with a cape and $2 safely tucked into his belt, aka my pink bathrobe tie. I digress. We get to the toy aisle, and he is searching for that perfect toy. He finds a package of 4 army vehicles. It’s the one. I remind him that he has $2 to spend, so he can pick out another. He turns to me, full of sweet innocence, and says,

“Mommy, I just want to buy one of these for Logan with my other dollar.”

Oh. My. Word. Heart melt. So proud. So sweet. My boy…dressed as a super hero, full of sweetness for his baby brother. The best.

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  1. I love it when children want to share with their siblings! It always makes me super happy when I’m teaching at church and one of the kids wants an extra [insert treat here] for their “brother” and as soon as their family comes and picks them up, they ACTUALLY give it to him. 🙂

  2. HOW SWEET!!!! I wish you had a picture of him in the dollar store…sounds very interesting!

    I can’t believe how big Conner looks in the picture of him and Logan!

  3. What a sweet brother!!! Mackenzie did something similar a few days ago – her friend stole some money from her and the mom made her return it. Mackenzie let her keep part of the money! So much for teaching your kid a lesson! 🙂

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