Very Important Question

Today I decided to trim my bangs. I got a little scissor happy, so I decided to fix them down rather than side-swept. What do you think? Cute? Or way too 1994?
You can be honest. I promise I won’t spread evil rumors about you if you tell me the truth.


For entertainment purposes, I scanned this page from my 1994-1995 yearbook. I’ve numbered a few key points, Ryan style. (click it if you want to see it bigger)

1. Yours truly. With bangs.
2. Trash on my scanner. Proof of my laziness…I could have rescanned, but no. Y’all get the trash.
3. RyAnn. She was super cool in the 9th grade. It’s amazing we made it through that year and are still best friends.
4. The valedictorian of our class. She was super smart and super nice.
5. I ran into this guy while training for the marathon last year. I hadn’t seen him since 1998.

Back to the question at hand…bangs or no?

10 Replies to “Very Important Question”

  1. They make you look old! I think they are back in style, but I think you will get really tired of them being in your face. Thanks for saying I was super cool! I know you meant that!

  2. I actually think they’re cute! I think they’re a lot thinner than back in ’94.

    I love the yearbook pics! See Nick Torcoletti (sp?) in the top? I remember him being such a trouble maker…he looks so little now! lol

  3. I agree with Ry – I think they will get on your nerves really quickly! But – I also think they are in style right now…what the heck – just do them both ways. Who ever said that you have to keep your hair ONE way every day?

  4. Well, I like them, but I have been sporting the bangs for the past 4 or 5 years.
    I just feel cuter with them. 😉
    You are gorgeous either way!

  5. You look good either way!…just don’t cut them too thick or above your eyebrows…that would make them more ’94. That said, I admire your bang cutting skills, it takes guts to trim them yourself. I hate paying to get mine done, but I’m worried I would goof up if I did them myself.

  6. they are cute for every now and then, if you want a change, but i think you look better with them side swept. i know we get bored and change our hair, but when we do we realize we were cute just the way we were. [I just typed “were” and many othe “w” words and now they all look misspelled. i am going crazy.]

  7. hmmm…they look okay. i mean, trust me, they look nice on you, im just not a huge fan of bobs with bangs. you should try straightening your hair plus the bangs, and then sweeping them to the side. thatd be cute. :] <3

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