Pregnancy Rule #42

It’s perfectly acceptable to cry at any time.

As any pregnant woman will tell you, each and every pregnancy is as different as each and every child. One of the biggest differences this time around is my out of control emotions. I mean, I already tend to be an emotional person, but I am really just a mess right now.

Last week, I was at rehearsals for the play that starts this weekend. Oh, did I mention I am in a play? Our church started a community theater, and we are doing A Christmas Carol. I am playing Belle, Scrooge’s fiancee from when he was young. I only have one scene, but there are still lots of rehearsals and lots to learn. There are 4 people in my scene-me, my Scrooge, the old main character Scrooge, and the ghost of Christmas Past. All three of the other actors have done shows before. Many shows. Me? Not so much. My theater experience consists of playing Thumper in Bambi in the 6th grade, one summer acting workshop taken with a friend, and 1 year of theater during high school where I never once stepped foot on a stage.

So, needless to say, any direction given during our scene is directed at me. That’s fine, it doesn’t bother me, and the director is super, super nice about. But one night, it all proved to be too much for Pregnant Meg.

Rehearsals had been running for about 3 hours. It was well past my new 9:00 bedtime when it was finally time for our scene. We’re running it, and I’m stopped. I need to turn this way. No that way. No, walk here. No, walk at this line. No, look at your Scrooge. Wait, look out wistfully. Do this, no this….I could feel the tears start to burn in the back of my eyes and my throat start to swell. Don’t cry, Megan. Don’t cry. Don’t….too late. The tears started.

The director, the sweet director gently asks if I’m okay.

“I’m fine”, I blubber. “It’s been a long day.”
There’s a long pause. No one is quite sure what to do with this crying girl on stage.
So I fill the silence dramatically.
“and I’m pregnant!”

Ohhhh…understanding sighs and nods follow.
Being pregnant pretty much means a free pass to cry at any given moment for any reason.

Now they want me to cry during the show. Apparently, I rocked the scene all teary-eyed that night.

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  1. 1st of all – I have decided that crying is ok anytime as a woman! 2nd – how cool that you are in a play – you are going to do so welL! How exciting!

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