Last night, I got home from here.

That’s California, in case you can’t tell. I left last Friday morning for five fun filled (and work filled) days. I got to spend Friday and most of Saturday with Patrick and Noel, and then Sunday through Wednesday with some of the best girls I’ve had the privilege of knowing.


Corinne, Jessica, Carrie (and Erica and Jenny who aren’t in this pic) are fellow scrapbookers/wives/mothers/Christians/friends who I seriously cannot say enough good things about. I am so glad that I met Carrie online (I know, I know…it’s so weird!) And through Carrie, I met all these other great girls. We laughed. We cried. We prayed. We sold Paper Trunk products. And best of all, we had so much fun!

Thanks to my sweet mom for flying in to be on kid duty this week. Without her, I would not have been able to go. And thanks to my sweet husband for being so supportive of my hobby, of my need for a getaway, and for making it possible in so many ways for this trip to happen. I am filled with love this Valentine’s Day. Love for my Derek, my boys, my family, and my friends who bless me each and every day.

I’m pretty sure that Derek will keep letting me go to California each February as long as I bring him back cool souvenirs like this one.

It was just too good to pass up.

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  1. my friend…memories to cherish for sure! I’m so glad you were able to come out and help in the trunk booth. I am so thankful for our friendship and all the laughter. Thanks for teaching me a new language and don’t forget all our new words we’ve learned… blurfing, libations, reprimand, HUGS, and sticky *** glue!

    Give D a squeeze for me and tell him next February, I’ll buy him a t-shirt too :0)

  2. sounds like a fun bunch, I am jealous of the good combination that you have found in your group, christian, mom,scrappers,wives,
    sounds like a great trip, good for you in taking time to be away

  3. Megan I had the best time hanging with you at CHA, thanks for the laughs, tears & prayers. You are an awesome sister in the Lord!
    BTW, love that t-shirt, made me LOL.
    Can’t wait to spend CHA Jan09 with you!

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