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The content is all the same, but Derek was so sweet to change my blog to wordpress, mainly so I can make a cool book of my blog using blurb.  Of course, a new blog template means a new look.  It’s nothing fancy, but it’s just the beginning.

Tee ball update: we had Connor’s first tee ball practice on Saturday morning.  I ended up sticking with the competitive league.  After talking with several friends who have boys just a few years older, I decided that probably at this level there isn’t much difference in the two leagues in the area.  As they get older, there is a big difference, but for tee ball, it’s very similar.  I am happy to report that Connor loved his first tee ball practice!  I am surprised because it’s such a skill intensive sport…the kids spent a lot of time at different stations learning the technique and skills for batting, catching, throwing, and fielding, and not so much time actually being active.  But Connor really loved it.  After practice, I asked what his favorite part was, and he listed every single thing, even catching a simple throw, which at the time had almost driven him to tears of frustration.  I still think that 3 hours of practice is a lot for a 5 year old, and I will not hesitate to leave early if we need to.  And we’ll see how he does as the season goes on.  They don’t even have their first game until the end of March!  But I’m really relieved that he doesn’t want to quit after one practice, and that all the other kids on his team seem like very normal 5 year olds (i.e. none of them could really catch the ball!)

I have some cute new pictures of the boys, but I’m too lazy to get them off my camera for now.  Maybe tomorrow. 🙂

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  1. Yay! I am so glad that he had a good time at T-ball! It sounds like the coach really knows what he’s doing, splitting them up into stations to learn skills and such. Sometimes things just come across a lot more serious in emails than they would if he was talking in person, so I’m sure that’s what has happened with the whole competitive thing.

    So now only 20 more years til Connor is starting for the Rangers…or I guess Astros down in H-town! 🙂

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