beautiful day

Yesterday was such a beautiful day, so we took a little family walk down to the park. We always end up in the ditch behind out house. That sounds really weird and kind of creepy…it’s not like a muddy sewer or anything. The kids love to go on adventures back there. And I love to take pictures there-it’s nice that I can usually get some with no houses, people, or cars. Here are my two faves.



Today, baby girl T is halfway cooked! I had Derek take a few belly shots yesterday. You can also see my new haircut.  It feels so healthy and soft!  It’s nothing that exciting, but I like it.

Half Way Cooked

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  1. Okay, if her name starts with a ‘T’ then your kids initials would be ‘T’, ‘L’, ‘C’ (tender loving care) awwwww…

    I know, my brain is weird!!

  2. OMGosh girl you have grown since CHA, you look fantastic! Love the new haircut, I’ll be getting my chopped next week too (maybe it’s a preggo thing).

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