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A few people asked if my reference to Baby T was a hint to her first name. No, no. Not even. I have a list of names going, but we are nowhere near deciding on the perfect one. I am finding that a lot of names I love are taken already…for example, I am loving the name Claire, but Derek’s roommate from college has a daughter named Claire. I tried to convince him that was not a big deal, but he didn’t buy it.  Which I understand because another name I really like is Macy, which is currently taken by Shauna, and it’s been RyAnn’s fave girl name for as long as I can remember.  I won’t steal it.

Since I am sure you are all burning with curiosity to know our daughter’s name, I’m putting my list out there. I am sure this list will grow and names will be vetoed over then next four months. In no particular order…

Caitlin (really popular although not spelled like this)
Kayden (I’ve seen it for a boy spelled Caden, but I really like it for a girl, too.)
Madeleine (or Madelyn)
Emma (really popular…big deal or not?)

So far Derek has vetoed:
Tessa (I really wrote this down and I already wonder what I was thinking with this one!)
Claire (Still my fave…Connor, Logan, and Claire…it just sounds so good!)

I am always open to opinions and suggestions!

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  1. Of course, we are biased to Emma. I think it is a classic name that spans time. But, as I said, it’s one of our favorites! And, if we had had another girl, we would have chosen Caroline. So, there are my votes. We live far enough away that you can use either of those!! Congrats, by the way, on #3! You look great!

  2. Wow love your knew blog look! I almost thought I was at the wrong blog…hee hee…you know with all the “Blurfing” I do, I got a lil cornfused there. LOL
    Love all the names you’ve chosen so far…Which one to pick is hard decision…I love Kendall and Caitlin is cute too! Congrats on the girl news yay!!!

  3. I’ve always loved the name Emma but there is no way I could ever use it…a little too weird to have a mom named Emily and a daughter named Emma.

    On the “Is it too popular” topic: not a big deal. As the holder of the most popular girls name for like, 15 years running or something like that, I run into a LOT of Emily’s, but it doesn’t bother me. Added perk – whenever you see personalized items in stores, you’ll always be able to find one for popular names. It used to make my cousin Allyson so mad because we could always find Emily stuff but never Allyson with a “y”.

    My favorites: Emma, Kendall, and Kinley.

  4. i love this discussion wamh!
    great options so far… my faves on your list are kendall, caroline, haley and hannah. i think all of those sound excellent with connor and logan. i also LOVE that hannah is the same forwards and backwards. do y’all have a for sure middle name that you would use with any of them? because what the initials will be makes a big difference on my final vote. SO SO EXCITED FOR YOU GUYS!!!

  5. Wow, I like this list! I like Kayden… We started looking at Jayden stuff for our little one and found out it was more of a boy name too. But, we like it for a girl, so there! 🙂 Good luck picking! I like them all…

  6. Love all the names…I’m partial to Emma…it has been a favorite of mine for a long time. And obviously with a name like Jennifer, I don’t mind common names. Ella is a pretty twist too.

  7. Cute list of names!! Madeline was on our list – we didn’t know the gender prior to delivery – so we had to decide on both boy and girl names. I really like Hannah and Haley – darling names. I’m with you on Claire though. What a sweet sweet name!!! Tough decision…

  8. Those are all pretty names. Travis’ little cousin (boy) is Caden. I love that name. I like it for a boy or girl. There is one name on your list that I want if I have another girl one day, but I will spell it differently. I’m not saying which one. I want to see if you choose it or not…and then I’ll tell you! Good luck choosing. Isn’t it so hard…choosing a name for a person?

  9. I LOVE Caroline and Savannah. I really like “classic” names. 😉
    My best friend in Tucson has a Caitlin. 🙂

    Whatever you choose will be lovely, I’m sure! “Molly” is still growing on me, LOL! HUGS!

  10. Haven’t stopped by your blog in awhile and I am just SOOO excited to find out it’s a GIRL!!! YAY! Huge Congrats. Oh and I was reading in a previous post that you love Jon & Kate Plus 8. US too! Just did a blogpost about it 2 days ago. LOL!

  11. I say go for Claire!!!
    You can always use the, “I carried this baby for 9 months, heartburn, swollen ankles, naseau, exhaustion” argument 🙂

    Seriously…I LOVE Kinley!!

  12. Thought I clicked the wrong link…lovin’ the PINK! My 2 cents….

    Connor, Logan, and Kinley (I’m with Cindi!!!)
    Savannah is pretty too…I had that on the list for Amelia 😉

  13. I love the name Claire. My neice was just named it 🙂

    I also like Kinley. My sister named her baby Kenleigh.

    Also… I have a cousin named Kinsley

    Oh by the way I’m shellie… nice to meet you 🙂

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