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This weekend, I spent Saturday with a few of my best girls. We did a bit of shopping, lots of eating, watched 27 Dresses, went out on the town, talked, laughed, and even slept in until 8:20 on Sunday morning, which for all of us is pretty late. One of the things they helped me shop for was fabric for baby T’s nursery. My mom is going to sew all the stuff for me, and I am so super excited with the fabric we found! We walked into a fabric store, and it was almost like a beam from heaven was shining right on it. We barely even looked around at anything else because we all loved it so much!


The crib skirt and bumper will be the green stripe, the valance will be the green circles, the shade will be the pink, the quilt will be the green circles and pink, the basket liners and memo board will be the black polka dots, and I will be making throw pillows for the guest bed with all the extra. I am so excited about for real starting on her nursery!

While I am boring you all with baby stuff, I have to show you this swimsuit I bought for her. She is going to be so stylin’ at the pool this summer!

sylin' suit

There’s no doubt about it…shopping for baby girls is so fun!

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  1. That is SO much fun- great choice on the fabric- I LOVE it! I can imagine that all of the girl stuff is too cute and it’d be hard to not want one of everything!

  2. What a cute little swimsuit. It’s not for the pool, it’s for the beach silly! For when you and the little baby and Derek and Connor and Logan come to visit 🙂
    I miss you but I’m glad you’re having a fun time with your friends in Texas.
    Guess what? Tomorrow is my first day at Laguna Beach high. I’m sure the next few months will be full of good stories.

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