He’s back!!

The kids and I headed out early this afternoon armed with posters, tape, plus Austin’s leash and treats just in case. We got to our mailbox, which was our first stop (our neighborhood has community mailboxes rather than in every yard.) In the middle of hanging our poster, a neighbor out walking with her kids stops to ask if we are looking for a dog. I say yes and described him. She tells us she is pretty sure her neighbor has him! She gives us directions to the house, which was only one street behind ours. Sure enough, there was Austin tied up to a tree in the front yard! As soon as he saw us, he started barking and peeing all over the place. Yup, it’s definitely Austin. They were not home, but I took Austin with us and left a note on one of our posters. We were all so happy! You should have seen the look on Derek’s face when we walked in the house not even 10 minutes later with Austin! I think he was shocked that we found him, especially so quickly and so close to home.  He is now wearing his rabies tag, and I’m going tomorrow to get the tags with his name and our number on them…I definitely learned my lesson!  And maybe, just maybe he learned his lesson about running away (a girl can hope, right?). At any rate, he looks pretty content to be home!
he's home!

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  1. Man, losing a dog is awful. Back in the day, I used to housesit all the time and take care of dogs. I always watched dogs that liked to run out of the house the second you opened the door. I’ve spent many days chasing down dogs in a towel without shoes on.

    My worst experience happened about four years ago. This housesitting dog was an outside dog. So I came home to feed it and noticed it was gone. I put up posters all over the neighborhood. It was gone for two days. Then I looked in the back yard and the dog had come back. I cried. It was a Sunday so I was wearing my Sunday clothes. I got in the pool with this dog, in a dress, because I was that happy that he came home. I never housesat for that family again. It’s still awkward when I run into them at church every once in a while.

  2. OK – First – still really weird that we are on the exact same life schedule – Second…Barbie keeps getting loose out the front door too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 I would like her to run and run and run and find another home.

  3. I would like to say that the worry goes away when you know he knows the way home, but it doesn’t. Jude is 8, and he ran away a year ago, at the new house. I freaked out about him, and this was the thousandth time that he had done it. One the plus side, they DO stop running away when you call, unfortunately, it’s not until they’re about 3!

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