Operation:Maternity Bathing Suit

Is it too much to ask? I am going to need a maternity swimsuit. The boys and I practically live at the pool starting at the end of May, so I am on a quest to find a good maternity swimsuit. I am having some issues. The issue isn’t cuteness, availability, or price. The issue is that all of the bottoms look like this:

maybe in my dream world

And here’s an example of a top, which I think is simple and cute and comes in a wide variety of colors.

this is cute

Back to my issue. The bottoms. Over the past, oh let’s say 14 years, I have become increasingly self-conscious about my legs and butt in a swimsuit. Usually I just suck it up and realize that no one looks perfect. But I would say for the past 2 years at least, I have chosen a swimsuit that covers more, either with a skirt or board shorts. And that’s when I’m not pregnant.

So this summer, at 7 months pregnant, I do not want to wear skimpy bathing suit bottoms. If only I was one of those cute pregnant ladies who only gained in their stomach, had an ideal body type before getting pregnant, and had perfectly perky and reasonably sized bosoms. Then maybe I would choose a suit like this one:

in my dreams

But alas, I am one of those lucky pregnant women who is gaining weight all over, who started out this pregnancy a bit on the heavy side, and who has already been through this twice before which means I am soft in squishy in places that should be firm.

I had the brilliant idea to buy a pair of board shorts, just like I would if I were not pregnant this summer. A quick google search led me to this:

would this flatter anyone?

and this.

wow.  just wow.

Words really can’t describe. Faced with the option of baring a little too much and wearing one of those, I think I will go with the former. At least I can get a tan in the regular suits. And as we all know, tan fat looks better than white fat.

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  1. I can’t imgaine EVER wanting to go out in a bikini like that as a preggo!!! I have a mat swim suit that I’ll be wearing this summer that has bottoms that actually cover you bottom and the flowing type top that comes down over the bottoms. Doesn’t help much with the thighs…but at least my butt won’t be hanging out! lol I’m more worried about the “mask of pregnancy”! When I was pg w/Brody I couldn’t be out in the sun very long before I started getting brown spots on my face! I plan on applying SPF 100 to my face and wearing a hat all summer! lol

  2. i like the green suit…go for it. then you won’t have to do a “what was I thinking” blog post about that last swimsuit. you remember my picture from Maui when I was preggo with the twins? Maybe I’m not the best one to ask on this topic…LOL!

  3. I dare you to wear that black skirt thing with the spandex shorts! I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw that one. I’ve seen pictures of you in a swimsuit on your blog–you look great! Go with the green one and wear it with pride 🙂

  4. Oh my goodness I am laughing so hard I’m crying! (and if I’m not careful I may pee too) I feel your pain girl, we too live in the pool & having the imperfect form of a mom of 2 who is pregnant, it’s gonna be a real task to just ignore the insecure feelings this summer!

  5. You CANNOT have the same swimsuit that I am buying for this summer so back off of your last option! I already ordered it online!!!!

    I am sure you can find something – and for the record – I think you have a great butt! 🙂

  6. If you buy one of the bottom two, I will no longer claim you as a blog buddy. 🙂

    The first one is awesome! Forget about the bottoms…everyone will just be paying attention to the super cute top!

  7. I just bought a one piece maternity suit. It didn’t really cover the thighs, but the flowy top helped some. Good luck!!!


  8. I think you should totally go for the last “suit” on the page. I can just picture you swimming around in the poor with your two boys in that.

  9. YOU ARE A CRACK UP Megan! Props to you for making a pretty serious issue into something comical! You are gifted at that!! I vote for the first suit! You can rock it girl, and you WILL LOOK GOOOOOOD!!! 🙂

  10. I wish I still had my maternity suit to send you. I loved it. But seriously, I would pay to see a picture of you posted on your blog wearing the last suit (was that from an Amish catalog or what?)!! And I would pay again to see a picture of you wearing that suit, doing one of your famous flips off the diving board. That post of yours was one of my favorites because I still love to do goofy stuff off the diving board like try to jump and land perfectly in an inner tube that waits below. This one gets my kids cracking up every time because invariably I end up missing the tube and looking like a complete idiot!

  11. Tan fat not only beats white fat, but it beats those awful nun swimsuits! You go girl. I hated swimsuits when I was pregnant.

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