Picture Overload

Last Wednesday, we took the boys to the Houston Rodeo. While we didn’t see the actual rodeo (tickets were just a bit pricey since they are technically concert tickets, not just rodeo tickets), the kids had a great time riding carnival rides, checking out the petting zoo, and watching pig races and mutton busting. Here are some pictures of our rodeo fun.

roller coaster


lovin' the car ride

waiting for the BIG coaster

cool dude

c dude

meg and derek

happy boy

We had such a great time!

4 Replies to “Picture Overload”

  1. whoo hoo! The Houston Rodeo, I went once, saw Kenny Chesney, good memories, wish we could go back.
    Again I am jealous that you guys are wearing long sleeves. We are still in our winter coats and hats….
    Again, your camera takes really good pics.

  2. sorry to not comment about your recent post, but in response to your recent comment on my blog (gah! that was a mouthful)…
    i actually prayed during my pregnancy for long lashes for reese. i kid you not. her aunt and her dad have the most awesome lashes and that was all i wanted. i forgot to pray for health and smarts and stuff…just the lashes. oops! at least she’s beautiful. ha!

    about the name…i want to see if you pick it on your own! sorry to torment you. are you at least leaning to one? tell me that and i’ll email you, in secret, the name.

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