Worth Remembering

On the way home from the park, the boys had this great conversation in the backseat.

Let me preface this by mentioning that one of the boys’ favorite phrases is “that’s mine forever.” They will often get into heated arguments about whether something is or isn’t theirs forever. Sometimes I use those arguments to remind them that that things they have are blessings, and when we go to heaven someday they won’t take them. And the only thing that is truly forever is God’s love and heaven. Sometimes I just listen to them argue and let them work it out. And sometimes I get all irritated and tell them that they are having the most ridiculous argument ever. I probably do number 3 the most. Anyway, I digress.

The conversation went a little something like this:

Logan-“dis rock is mine porever.”
Connor-“No it’s not.”
C-“Moooommmmm….Logan thinks that rock is his forever.”
(Mom ignores hub bub in the backseat. It’s been a long morning.)
C-“Logan, that rock is not going to live forever.”
C-“No. It’s not. Let me tell you something. We are going to die.”
L-“No we’re not.”
C-“Yes we are. We all die.”
Pause in conversation
C-“We’re not going to die when we’re kids. We die when we’re grown ups. Actually, when we are past grown ups, like maybe when we are 90 or 100.”
C-“But let me tell you the really fun part. When we die, we go to heaven.”
L-“NO WE DON’T!” (Logan is in an argumentative mood.)
C-“No, Logan. Listen to me. Let me tell you something cool. When we die, we get to go to heaven and be with God forever.”
C-“Log, yes we do. That’s the best part.”
C-realizes this conversation might be futile at this moment. he let’s out a long, semi-frustrated sigh.“Okay, Logan. Let’s just talk about this later.

I love their conversations. Connor, the wise older brother. Logan, the ornery little one. Love them.
logan is ornery

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  1. I can’t wait to hear these conversations in my backseat someday! That’s too cute. Kids really are funny! I think God makes them that way so that you love them even when you’re really mad.

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