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Easter Fun

It was a beautiful, fun weekend. Happy Easter!

And I know you are all on the edge of you seats with my kitchen progress. Right? Right?

kitchen progress

I think that this little project will look especially good with stainless steel appliances (someday….someday.) And minus one green back splash. Anyone know of any easy and cheap ways to get rid of the green tile? Anyone have any stainless steel appliances sitting around they want to give us for cheap? Hey, a girl can dream, right?!

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  1. The kitchen looks great, good job! I agree on the stainless appliances- it would look great!
    Easter Egg hunt looked fun 🙂

  2. My neighbor has a white tile backsplash and she painted it a taupe color to match her new kitchen until they can afford to do something permanent. It looks great.

  3. So the dark tile is green? I thought it was black! I guess it’s kinda hard to tell in pictures. It’d just depend on what kind of tile it is as to whether paint would stick or not…but bustin’ it out and re-tiling isn’t a weekend project! lol

  4. Happy Easter to you guys! I had a dream about you this weekend but I cant remember what it was! Weird. I love the cabinets!!! They look awesome!

  5. Great job!!! I thought the tiles looked black. Girl, that’s going to be one fun project if you decide to take the tiles out. Get ready!!!!!


  6. Hey, I think that you can buy a sheet of stainless steel to put up for your backsplash. That’s what we’re going to do this summer.

  7. Hi Megan: Enjoy looking at your blog to see how you all are doing. Connor will be taller than me by next birthday (guess that’s not hard, since I’m only 5 feet)! P.S. On your name list, how about Rebecca (or Rebekah)? I think it sounds nice with Thurman.
    Love, Aunt Janet

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