Taking it back

A long time ago, Derek and I used to watch a lot of movies. In the pre-marriage days, we occasionally saw movies in the theater, but we watched tons and tons of rented movies. All through high school, I worked at a video store where one perk (probably the only perk) was the five free rentals per week. Almost every weekend when Derek would visit, we would cuddle up on the couch and kiss watch movies. In the pre-kid era, we saw a lot of movies in the theater. A lot of our weekends consisted of dinner and a movie dates. Not only that, but we were faithful Blockbuster Rewards members. We earned lots and lots of free movies with our frequent rentals.

Then, for some reason, we just stopped watching movies. The kids put our dinner and movie dates on hold, and over time, we simply developed other hobbies like playing x-box and scrapbooking. Then came the wonderful addition of DVR…ahhh…the luxury of always having good tv shows at our fingertips, ready to watch!

I loved our time spent watching movies, and recently, I’ve reclaimed that time. A few weekends ago, I had the urge to watch 13 Going on 30, one of my all-time favorite movies. I fully expected Derek to escape to the office for some x-box action, but for some reason he didn’t. We ended up watching the whole thing together, and it reminded me of the days of yore and I felt all warm and fuzzy inside.

The next weekend, I headed to Blockbuster to rent movies for myself. But while I was there, I steered clear of the hard core chick flicks and chose some that Derek might like, just in case he wanted to watch with me. (oh, and it certainly didn’t hurt that by this point, Derek’s x-box was broken and on it’s way to the repair center in it’s “coffin”. One day, Derek called me at home to tell me to watch for the UPS man delivering his coffin. Nice.) Anyway, the movies. I rented Gone Baby Gone and Once, and we watched both of them together. It was great! I even pulled the classic Megan move of falling asleep with my head in his lap.

This past weekend, Derek headed to Blockbuster because he wanted to rent I Am Legend.   I was definitely cuddled up to Derek the whole time, except for the part when I was sobbing uncontrollably and had to take a break.  I tend to be a little on the emotional side these days.  I mean, it was a sad part and all, but I could not get a hold of myself.  And Derek couldn’t stop laughing at me.  It was actually some pretty good comic relief during a very intense movie.

With our renewed love of movie watching, I have decided to join Netflix, so now I feel like a real movie watcher. My first two movies are supposed to arrive tomorrow, and I am about to watch Season 1 of Friday Night Lights with the watch it now feature.

We’ll have to see if this movie watching thing continues once Derek’s x-box arrives again. I hope it does. I love watching movies, and it’s even better with a comfy husband.

PS-Anyone have any good movie recommendations? Really, it’s a fairly safe bet that anything in the past 4 or 5 years will be new to us.

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  1. Ratatouille and Enchanted.
    Within the past week we have watched both 13 going on 30 and Michael and I just watched I am Legend. We must be related.

  2. August Rush and Dear Frankie. Both are really good and neither one is a chick flick (if it matters). A great place to find ideas for movies is imdb.com, put in a movie you like and it suggests other movies that are similar.
    Have fun!

  3. This is so crazy! Justin and I have found ourselves in the same boat. We joined Blockbuster Online so that we could have the 5 movie exchanges per month. We use those plus some. I got frustrated with Netflix because it just seemed like there was always a wait on any new movies. Now, we can just go pick them up from the store for free! Okay, I sound like an infomercial. Anyways….We liked “Enchanted”, “Fracture” (that one was really good), “Atonement”, “Bee Movie”, “Perfect Stranger”

    “gone baby gone” was a really good one as well! Enjoy!

  4. I love when Matt and I watch a movie too! It’s a break from life and we get to spend it together! That’s no small feat when you’ve got small children!!

    Here are a few I love…
    Remember the Titans
    A Walk in the Clouds (chick flick)
    One Fine Day (chick flick)

  5. I guarantee you that I cried at the same part of I Am Ledgend! It WAS sad!! (hormones…great excuse for pretty much anything these days)!

  6. Like you I have not viewed many movies lately, however we watched Facing the Giants a few weeks ago and loved it. It has a great message, plays on the heart strings of a woman and has the intense moments with the football. It was an independent film so the acting is not the greatest, but it is a good wholesome flick!

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