cute Connor stories

Just a few C stories…these are good ones. I should bookmark this so on the days when he makes me crazy I can remember his sweet heart.

The boys were watching tv, and the shows message was that everyone is special. Connor looks at me and says, “mommy? Do you know what makes me special?”
“Lots of things.” I answered, and listed a few of his special qualities.
“No, do you know what makes me the most special?”
“I can draw really good.”

Of course I affirmed this in him. It’s true, he really is quite artistic and creative.

I decided to take our conversation one step farther.
“What makes Logan special?” I asked Connor.
There’s a long pause. I am totally expecting an answer about how Logan can’t run as fast or jump as high or draw as good.
“Logan’s a good friend.” said Connor. “That’s what makes him special.”

I love that the boys are friends right now, and that Connor recognizes this in Logan. Love it.

Story number 2…
Connor was in the bathroom washing his hands yesterday afternoon, and I saw him with his hands folded, eyes closed, and his lips moving. I realized he was praying. He finishes, and I ask him if he was praying. (I know, nosy mama…) He says yes, and since spontaneous praying is a bit out of character for Connor–he really loves his lunchtime school prayer, but gets a little shy and embarrassed about saying a different prayer than that–I asked him what he was praying for.

“I was just asking God to help me have a good nights sleep tonight and also to help me remember to control my hands and not hit people with sticks.”

That’s a good prayer, my boy. And God is faithful and will answer.

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  1. I love this story! I actually laughed out loud alone in my living room. I make a conscious decision every morning not to bring sticks to school so that I don’t hit my kids!

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