I love the spring! Right now I am sitting outside in the backyard. There is a nice breeze, no humidity, and it’s a perfect 71 degrees outside. My dog is running around, so happy to be outside with everyone, and Connor are Logan are busy playing a Spiderman Batman game. It’s a beautiful afternoon.

Last Thursday, my sister arrived for a visit/work trip. We had a great time! We didn’t do anything too exciting, but it was fun just to hang out. We did go on a massive shopping trip to Kohl’s, and we spent lots of time with James, Kathy, Justin, and Kayla which is always fun.

fierce boys

justin and connor

Logie B


Okay, the beautiful afternoon is over. It’s amazing how quickly kids’ attitudes can change….while the weather is still beautiful, my dog is now hacking up some piece of plastic he’s eaten, Connor has been sent to his room for hitting his brother, and Logan is desperate for some juice.

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