thoughts on a saturday night

-I completed yet another task of operation prepare for baby girl. Derek pulled down my bins of newborn clothes, towels, blankets, etc. I spent all afternoon going through clothes, organizing gifts and things I’ve purchased, and trying to decide just how many blankets, washcloths, hooded towels, and baby nightgowns are necessary. All the clothes I have so far are organized in her dresser-yahoo for being productive! I also cleaned out the junk in her closet, and sent Derek up and down the attic ladder about 18 times.

-Why did I save clothes that were stained beyond repair with spit-up?  Note to self…if something has a little milk stain on it, the stain will not look better after 3 years in a box.  Some of the stains even smelled still.  How gross is that?  Honestly, what was I thinking when I packed that stuff up?!

-Any money saved on tampons during the 9 months of pregnancy is spent on toilet paper. I am amazed at how fast our family can go through a Sam’s size package of toilet paper. And I know it’s my fault…I live with all boys, remember?

-Can I say tampons on my blog? Is it weird that I still get a little embarrassed buying them? And I also get embarrassed when I’ve bought pregnancy tests. I am a freak.

-I’ve gotten to hang out with Logan one on one a few times this week. He is so much fun! I think this summer, Logan will be my grocery store buddy. He is actually a really great helper. He and I shopped on Thursday night while Derek and Connor were at t-ball practice. At the checkout line, I pushed the cart up too far, and I could not fit in between the cart and the conveyor belt. So Logan hopped in the cart and handed me all the items. It was great! When we got home, he helped me carry in the groceries and even put some away. Well, he did rifle through the bags first and carry in his stuff (i.e. fruit snacks, a lunchable, and popsicles) leaving my stuff bagless in the garage. What a dirtbag. 🙂

-The kids only have 2 days of school left. My list of things to accomplish during those last 10 hours of kid freedom is way too long. Wish me luck.

-We are close to getting a van again! If you’ve been reading awhile, you know that about a year ago we got all Dave Ramsey-ified and traded in our brand new van for a not-so-brand-new CRV. It was a really good decision at the time, but I honestly cringe every time I look in the backseat and picture 3 carseats smushed across the back. And I cringe even harder when I think about our trips to the metroplex with 3 kids plus a dog. Anyway, we’ve done really well with our get out of debt plan, and we should be able to get a minivan again before little miss gets here! I am such a soccer mom-I am pumped up about my minivan.

-Connor has been enjoying t-ball lately. Well, enjoying Connor style, which means that as long as he’s in the mood to play t-ball, it’s great. We haven’t had any all-out meltdowns in several weeks, which is always a good thing. He’s so cute in his little uniform! My favorite part is the proud look on his face whenever he does anything in the game. Like when he crosses home plate, he stops and looks for us in the stands with the proudest little smile. And he’ll stand there until we give him a big thumbs up and lots of cheers. So, so cute!

-I’ve done a little scrapping this week! These boys make me laugh, that’s for sure! (click to see bigger…I’m slightly neurotic and all pictures in one blog post must be the same width.)

It’s 10:57 and way past my bedtime. Plus this blog is getting long and sort of boring. Night!

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  1. Wow Megan you are just one productive momma to be! You’re getting stuff done girlfriend! Love it! You need to give me a call and motivate me…I’m lazy right now! BLAH! Oh and you’re not the only one who’s embarrassed still about buying tampons. *wink*! Hope all is well girlie!

  2. I can’t believe your boys are almost out of school…we still have 3 weeks left…um…12 school days left…only 11 if you count the two half days as one full day. If I’m talking about number of class periods left with each student, well then it’s only 10, but only 9 for my 8th period…but then who’s counting?!?

  3. I’m so glad you mentioned the box of baby clothes with milk stains. I went and checked Kate’s old things and half of them had stains that had magically appeared (I SWEAR they were spotless when I boxed them up). Anyway, I went through it all and now the gross stuff is gone. So thanks again!

    P.S. Cute scrap pages. Connor looks all grown up and Logan looks exactly like Derek.

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