I know some of you out there have bathroom cabinets that look like this:

and this:

That top one may not look so bad. But what you miss in the picture is the odor. Something inside that cabinet stinks, and has for quite some time. I’ve been too scared to clean it out and find out what it is. Until now. One hour and one large trashbag later, I had this:

And this:

And the odor? I couldn’t identify exactly what it was, but something inside this white basket stunk.

I think it was a mix of old nail polish remover, old nail polish, and water. There was a pretty good size puddle in there, which is pretty gross in and of itself.

It sure felt good to get those two cabinets organized! Let the nesting continue!

It feels like summer today. First, it’s hot. Second, we had nothing to do today. Not a single thing. So I busted out The Slide. It also feels like summer because the kids are wearing hardly any clothes, and I haven’t showered yet. I’ve done minimal house work, and instead took pictures, read my book, played Webkinz, watched tv, took a little nap, and browsed minivans. It’s been a really good day.

4 Replies to “productivity”

  1. How do you still have the energy for nesting?!? My energy is GONE again 🙁

    I’m excited for the pool to get warm enough here to swim! Not much longer.

  2. Hurray for productivity! Doesn’t it feel great? Enjoy it now because it doesn’t last forever (sadly). I love the latest pics of your kids. Will you take some of mine? Pretty please?

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