Weekend/funny Connor

Since it was a holiday weekend and all, it seems fitting to blog about the events.
–Friday: Connor came down with a fever, and I developed some serious sinus congestion. Nothing too major, but not the best start to a long weekend. Oh, and the kids were awake and in and out of our room three times in between 4 and 6 a.m on Friday night/Saturday morning. Fun times.
–Saturday: Derek’s parents arrived for a visit, and took us out to Chic-Fil-A for lunch. Connor’s fever was gone, and we spent Saturday afternoon swimming and playing this fun marble/card game they brought with them. Saturday night, just as we are sitting down to dinner, Connor’s fever came back. He ended up falling asleep on the couch at 6:15 and Logan crashed at 7:00. We had a nice quiet evening and watched Juno.
–Sunday: Connor and I skipped out on church. We all had a pretty lazy morning and afternoon. Derek and I took a little trip to Best Buy and HEB (exciting stuff, I tell ya!) For dinner, we grilled hamburgers and hot dogs, plus had fresh corn on the cob and strawberries-delicious!
–Monday: Reggie and Janelle left really early, and Derek, the boys, and I spent the morning at the pool. Derek went to his Man Store (aka Fry’s) for a few hours in the afternoon, and when he got home, I headed to Babies R Us for a few things. All in all, not a bad weekend! Swimming, relaxing, movies, games, shopping, and good food…it’s a winner in my book!

Two funny Connor stories…I gotta write these down or I will forget!

A few weeks ago, Connor was having a time-out. It’s always a pretty big scene…he HATES going to time-out. He was crying and flopping on the ground, trying desperately to make a deal with me. I say (well, sort of yell…let’s just be honest…) “Connor, you do NOT bargain with me!”. In between hiccups and sobs, Connor replies, “mom, I don’t even know what bargain means!” It was hard to hold back the laughter on that one!

Our new car has a voice command system. It’s really cool-well, it will be once I figure out how to work it. You can pretty much control anything (the ac, the navigation system, the radio, etc.). I was showing Connor and Logan how it works, so I asked it, “what time is it?” When it told me the time, Connor’s eyes got really big. I asked Connor what else he thought we should ask it. After taking a moment to think of the perfect question, Connor says, “ask it ‘How far away is Jupiter.'” Much to our disappointment, the voice system did not reply.

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  1. I’m glad you guys got to enjoy a relaxing weekend and CONGRATS on the fancy new ride! The story about Connor wanting to ask the car how far it is to Jupiter is a crack-up 🙂

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