Crafty Craftiness

Camryn (we haven’t for sure decided on that spelling…I’m just testing it out.  Oh, and I am pretty sure her middle name is going to be Jane, which is a family name) is going to be a bow-head baby, much to Derek’s dismay. My newest craft is making bows, and then trying them all on myself just to make Derek laugh. And because I am a big dork.

I think Logan likes the bows. (and he’s cute to boot!)

Not too much going on…I’ve been trying to think of something to blog about, but I got nothing. I went to Gymboree this morning for their big semi-annual sale and I got some super super cute baby girl clothes. I just can’t wait to dress Cameron in them! (typing that felt weird….I really think I like Camryn.)

Oh, and A-town people, we are headed that way this weekend. Anyone want to go out to dinner or something?


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  1. I like the bows. Especially on your head!!! I like the name Camryn (and I like that spelling). That’s what Carrie Auten named her little girl and they call her Cami. I love it! E-mail me and let me know what your plans are for the weekend. I have a wedding to go to Sat night, but maybe we could get together another night. Just let me know. I love you and would love to get to visit with you!


  2. I LOVE the spelling Camryn (and love the name)!!!! We’d love to see y’all this weekend- maybe Friday night or Saturday for lunch!!!

  3. You look like Kristin in the bottom picture. I’ve never really thought you two looked much alike, but something about it reminds me of her. You and Camryn should come to California next week because Kristin is coming, and we would have so much fun! I know that isn’t really possible, but maybe next year 🙂

  4. p.s. why did it turn my smiley face into a :)? I was actually just going for a quick grin rather than a beaming yellow sun face, but that I suppose is difficult to specify through a keyboard. Hmmm, will it turn a subtle wink 😉 into a wink face? We’ll see.

  5. Ah. So this is how Ann had the heads up on you coming this weekend…she keeps up on your blog (unlike me who is still living in the dark ages w/o internet…except at work…ARG!) Email me and let me know when we can get together (assuming I’m not in labor! lol)

  6. Lovr the bows… we had one on Maisy-gitrl about 45 min after she was born. I LOVE Camryn- such a beautiful name. Great choice!

  7. cute bows…nesting suits you well. I’d love a tutorial when you have time (I am laughing as I typed that…like you have extra time!!)

    I like the “Camryn” version…looks a little more girly to me? Maybe because my bro’s name is Cameron? my 2 cents.

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