39 weeks

I admit that I chose my outfit for church carefully this morning. I got dressed hoping it would be my last Sunday being pregnant. Tomorrow I will be 39 weeks, and I know it’s obvious, but Camryn could really be here (and will be here) any day now.

39 weeks

I didn’t get any pictures of the nursery yet. I want to get them when there’s good light, and, well, I was reading/taking a nap when the light was streaming in the room.

In other news, today was my lucky day! I went to Target this afternoon to do a little shopping. Whenever I go to Target, (which isn’t all that often…maybe twice a month) I ask if they have any Wii’s in stock. Derek and I have been wanting one for awhile, but it wasn’t urgent enough to make a real effort to get one. I just figured the day Target had one would be Happy Wii Day. Well, today was that day! I’ve been asking if they had any Wii’s in stock for probably 6 months, and today they finally said yes! Woo hoo!! The timing is perfect for this…it will be such a good diversion with Baby Camryn/Madison/Sarah/Boobie coming. Any of you with Wii’s have any game recommendations?

Okay, okay. I know you are all dying to see the whitest belly in America one last time…

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  1. Yeah for the Wii!!!! I’m glad you finally were able to get one. I CANNOT WAIT for baby Camryn to be here. Keep us posted. I keep checking your blog to see if it’s happened yet.

  2. You will LOVE the Wii!! I love mine! I just got guitar hero and love it, its a lot of fun, i highly recommend it. Also, Rayman Raving Rabbids…I’d get the first one, you may have already played it, but its a lot of fun and one of the cheaper ones too (a big plus!). If you want a karoke game, don’t get Boogie, get american idol…boogie stinks, i shelled out the $$ for that one and regret it. I’ve rented several others to try them out and relized that I didn’t like them so I was glad I didn’t buy them. You look great! Can’t wait to hear that Camryn/Madison/Sarah is here! HA!

  3. One game that is a lot of fun for families or groups is Smooth Moves. It almost has a silly, college, drinking game feel to it. It’s hard to describe, but LOADS of fun. Our 3 year old loves to play it with us and with her friends. Have fun! Good luck this week! You will all be in our prayers.

  4. You look amazing… congrats on the wii, even Maisy like to play ours. It will be fun for everyone. Can’t wait to see Camryn’s room- can’t wait till she gets here, we are praying for you guys!

  5. Boobie looks like she is ready to come on out to see the world…I’m talking about the baby:)!! You look beautiful!! I am so excited for you to have a girl!!

  6. Get Rockband and Dance Dance Revolution! Those are great for families. Vickie Dudley and her kids and husband play Rockband all the time, and they LOVE it. We haven’t gotten it yet because it just came out.

  7. You look amazing!!! I am so serious. I love that lil Sunday outfit!
    You FINALLY got the Wii!!!!! once you hook it up, find the Wii number and we can Wii each other…I’m not sure what that means but, something happens. Here are a few of our favs:
    mario kart
    big brain academy
    indiana jones
    :0) maybe if you start playing, lil Camryn/Madison/Sarah/Boobie will want to come out and play???

  8. I love your shirt too…do you know why? I picked it out!!!!!!

    Man, I rock! And I kind of thought your belly was your tank top at first! 🙂 JK! Just left you a message – maybe you didnt answer because you are giving birth to one precious Boobison Saryn Thurman.

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