10:07 PM Megan’s dilated around 7cm, 100% effaced. The baby is high still at -2 station. An epidural has been administered to ease the contractions.

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  1. I am going to have to stay up all night to hear that she is here!!! So, hurry up- I am tired! just kidding. I am so excited for you guys! Now our families match! 2 boys then a girl is absolutely perfecto! God Bless you & the kids!

  2. If you’ll wait 45 more minutes she’ll be born on Caleb’s birthday 🙂

    No promises here about staying up all night waiting for news of a delivery. Sorry!!! lol. I will check in as soon as I get up though 🙂 LOVE YOU!

  3. After midnight…going to bed…keep the play by play coming though! I’ll be interested to hear in the morning. It’ll also be great to read to “Boobie” some day.

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