Wonder Woman

We are having a super hero themed Halloween this year. Connor is going to be Batman, Logan is going to be Superman, and the boys want Camryn to be Wonder Woman. I have found two possibilities for Camryn’s costume. The first is this onesie:

I think this is so cute. I would have to put a little more work into the costume…make (or alter) and little blue skirt with stars…make a little felt headband and arm bands…I think I could use this onesie as a jumping off point and make something really cute plus have a onesie that she could wear again.

Or there is this:

An actual infant Wonder Woman costume.  I would have to add tights-it just comes with that bib part.  This is a little…I don’t know…I don’t think it’s as cute as the onesie, but it is easier.

Thoughts?  Should I just go for the cuter, more orignal, but more work costume?  There is something really satisfying about making costumes at Halloween.  Price is not really a factor-they each only cost $15.  Not too bad.

This might be the only year my kids actually want to coordinate their costumes, so I’ve got to take advantage of it!

P.S. The boys also want Derek and I to dress up as super heros.  They want me to be Wonder Woman.  Um, fat chance on that one.  You could not pay be enough to sqeeze my jiggly butt into something like this:

And Derek as the Flash.  What are the chances I could convice him to wear this?

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  1. Awww. The first one sounds like it would be a little more special and little girly. Besides, she’d have a cool wonder woman onesie to wear after Halloween. Is it cold in Houston? I remember having to wear turtle necks and sweaters under/over my Halloween costumes. Hahaha. I think Derek should definitely wear the Flash costume and wow, is that the real wonder woman? Hmmm. I wouldn’t wear it either.

  2. I really needed a laugh today…and you did it! Just the thought of you and Derek in those costumes has me LOL!!!

    As for Cam, I vote for the 1st one so she can wear the onesie again!

  3. I say go for the onsie and spice it up by making a headband like wonder woman and maybe a gold rope…

    If Matt can be a carrot for Halloween (the year Madison was a bunny) then Derek can be Flash Gordon…tee hee!

  4. I’m going to vote for number 2 because who needs extra projects with 3 kids?
    And, I think you have as much a chance of getting D into that costume as he does getting you into the Wonder Woman one! LOL!
    Love the fact that the kids want to coordinate…mine want to be the chipmunks!

  5. Go for the first one. Maybe you can make a more body friendly version of the Wonder Woman outfit for yourself. I can’t wait to see pics!

  6. Cute idea! I think you could get away with JUST the onesie, Miss over-the-top-creative-on-Halloween. Maybe I’m a slacker mom, but Max is going to go to bed on Halloween before the others even go out, so I’m not even bother to costume him. Even so, Brady keeps insisting that he’s going to be Diego and Max HAS to be Rescue Pack. LOL. Syd and Blake are doing the Star Wars thing. They tried to talk Brady into it, but he REFUSED. So, Diego it is.:)

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