Everything is bigger in Texas

And that includes the Texas State Fair.  We drove up to Arlington on Thursday night so we could visit with Derek’s family and go to the fair on Friday.  The fair was a ton of fun!  The best part is the food, and the best thing we ate this year was the fried banana split. It was seriously SO good!

The best part for the boys was meeting all their favorite superheroes.  Their faces just lit up when they saw them all!  It was a boy’s paradise for sure.

The rides were also a big hit with the kids. Being in the midway reminded me (again) that I am getting old. The noise and crowds were driving me crazy!

Camryn was a part of the fun, although this is pretty much what she did all day.

So I feel like I am so behind on blogging because I have all these blogs in my head that I just haven’t taken the time to write down. And they are good ones, not just “here’s what we did last weekend” blogs. Those are good too, but my own blog is starting to bore me. I gotta step it up a bit. Until then, here’s one more picture. When there is no time for quality blogging, just post a cute picture. That’s my motto!

Three little monkeys

A few things to note:
1. I did not realize that Connor and Logan had on matching shirts until after I took these pictures. They picked out their clothes independently and happened to pick the same shirt.

2. Derek thinks Connor looks like and orangutan in the kissing picture, and I totally think he is right.

3. I bribed the boys with candy to get these pictures.